The Hafler Trio has a new 7" single available on Plinkity Plonk (a division of Korm Plastics) titled "Who Gave You the Ability to Envision Perfection?" and once again a teeny-tiny micro-site has been created at the Brainwashed site for it. Check here for more details. Korm Plastics has also been reissuing a number of Hafler Trio classic releases this year, check their site for more details.


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The Hafler Trio — Who Gave You The Ability To Envisage Perfection?
plinkity plonk plonk 21
7" — 333 copies

when we make a room ready, it's not a given that the appointment will be kept. furthermore, what used to happen in the old days, and will now start to happen again, is that random visitors will appear. it's only natural after all. so when this particular slice of tangerine was severed from the tree, it had purposes that were commensurate with that particular time: but now we gaze on the visage of something bigger than had at first been anticipated. revel in the ending that gave way to a beginning, although the path is not yet clear. there are no methods used here — but there are more things to tell when the bus reaches the terminus. as it will on completion of this piece of homework.

Heavy vinyl and heavy vellum cover.

Price: 13,50 euros including worldwide postage