David Tibet (of Current 93) along with Bill Breeze (Current 93, Coil) in association with Mark Logan of Jnana Records have begun work on Brother Focus: For the Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome, an album to benefit director Kenneth Anger in his recovery following a recent major operation. More details will be announced at a later date. Other Durtro announcements in this week's letter include forthcoming releases, the Inmost Light Trilogy on LP, and some limited goodies to be available first at the Donau Festival.
from the Durtro announcement letter: 
'Brother Focus': a Kenneth Anger tribute album

David Tibet and William Breeze, in association with Mark Logan of Durtro Jnana, are V.ery V.ery V.ery proud and happy indeed to announce a forthcoming benefit tribute album which they have initiated and curated for the iconic genius of film, magick and art, Kenneth Anger. The album is entitled 'Brother Focus: For the Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome'.

Kenneth has recently undergone a major operation and is now recovering, and we decided this was an opportune moment to show our gratitude to, and admiration for, an artist who has influenced us all immeasurably. David came across his work whilst at university in the late 1970s, and his films had a huge effect on him and his work as C93. And both he and Bill Breeze know, from conversations with those friends of theirs who were eager to contribute to this album, just how profound Kenneth's influence has been on practically every artist they know, and know of. All profits from this release go to Kenneth Anger.

New Current 93 live CD and T-shirt to be available at the Donau festival

We will be making available at the Donau festival a new C93 live CD, 'Birdsong in the Empire', recorded live in Toronto in 2005. 1000 copies will be manufactured in a full colour digipak. C93 were then: David Tibet, Ben Chasny, Maja Elliot, Joolie Wood, John Contreras, William Breeze, Baby Dee, Simon Finn, Andria Degens and Will Oldham. The CD costs £10 plus postage and packing and VAT where applicable.

Also available will be a new C93 T-shirt, featuring, on the front, a drawing by Aleister Crowley of a meditating sage under a phallic mountain (which is in the collection of David Tibet) and, on the back, the words 'Current 93' written by Geoff Cox-Dorée, who scrawled all the texts on the recent THE INMOST LIGHT 3CD set, as well as being responsible for the cover text on Thomas Ligotti's 'Teatro Grottesco'. This T-shirt is the first one we have made in organic cotton, and is available only as a black T-shirt, in male (small, medium, large, extra large) and fitted female (small/medium and medium/large) designs. The T-shirt costs £13 plus postage and packing and VAT where applicable.

For images of the T-shirt and the CD please visit www.durtro.com

These have been added to the shop but will NOT be posted to those who purchase them until we return from Donau on the 23 April, as we will be getting the CD and T-shirt stocks sent directly to Austria.

Michael Cashmore: 'The Snow Abides' 12" vinyl

We are presently working on a 12" vinyl version of Michael's 'The Snow Abides' mini-album. This features an extra instrumental track, which will be the sole track on Side 2 of the record.

Current 93: The Inmost Light trilogy and 2LP vinyl

The Inmost Light 3CD trilogy is out and all pre-orders started shipping on 12 March. We have approved the test pressings for the 2LP vinyl version, which will be pressed in an edition of 1500 or so and which will be released in about 4 to 6 weeks. When we have the price it will be added to the shop.

Other imminent and forthcoming titles

  • Current 93: 'Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre' is still in the works pending a redesign of the artwork. We now anticipate it being in stock in late April.
  • Baby Dee: 'The Robin's Tiny Throat'. This 2 CD contains all the songs from Baby Dee's long-unavailable first 2 albums on Durtro ('Little Window' and 'Love's Small Song') and the four tracks from her CD EP 'Made For Love'. We expect to have this in stock for the beginning of May.
  • Diana Rogerson: 'The Lights Are On But No-one's Home', the new album from the inimitable artist responsible for the 2 classic albums 'The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Album' and 'Belle De Jour'. This is her first album in almost 20 years. Full colour digipak on United Jnana.
  • Nurse With Wound CD digipak reissues: 'Homotopy to Marie' and 'Gyllensköld, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's'. Those should be available in May 2007.
  • Current 93's 'Faust' book/CD re-issue has been delayed as David Tibet and Miss Kat at the House of Puss decided they didn't like the layout, so are redesigning it. The CD will also now have the entirety of the text of Count Stenbock's short story.
  • Cam Archer's original soundtrack to his (superb) film 'Wild Tigers I Have Known' (featuring Current 93, Pantaleimon, Six Organs of Admittance, Djuna Barnes, Emily White, Tiffany Anders and Nate Archer).

Durtro to publish the new novel by Nick Blinko

Durtro are delighted to announce that we will be publishing the new novel by Rudimentary Peni's Nick Blinko. Nick has many admirers for his amazing music, and his beautiful art and writing. We expect publication towards the end of 2007. There will also be a special art edition of the book, which will include, amongst other extras, an original piece of artwork by Nick. For more information on Nick's art, visit his page at the Henry Boxer Gallery at www.outsiderart.co.uk/blinko.htm.

Little Annie and Baby Dee concert online

Baby Dee and Little Annie's show in Vigo, Spain on 3 March, 2007 is now online at www.sinsalaudio.org/radio.

Nurse With Wound in-store performance in Los Angeles for Raash Records NWW CD release

Raash Records in conjunction with United Dairies would like to invite anyone who can make it to Los Angeles, California to come and help in the celebration of Raash Records' inaugural CD release of an album by Nurse With Wound. This performance acts as the official release date for the NWW CD and for all further details of this release and others on the label please go to www.raashrecords.com.

On Thursday, April 5th, 2007 at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, 6400 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90028 Nurse With Wound will appear at their first ever Southern California performance. Nurse With Wound's line-up for the evening will be: Steven Stapleton, Matt Waldron (irr.app.(ext.)/NWW live), Jim Haynes, John Contreras and Hazel Two Twiggs. A short 30 minute performance of musical bliss with a start time of 19.00 hours. For more information on directions, go to www.amoeba.com.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL DURTRO AS TO THE TITLE OF THE RELEASE; any such enquiries should be sent to Raash Records through their website. Raash Records have requested that they be responsible for all enquiries regarding this release, and not durtro.com.

Nurse With Wound Two Shaves remix competition

Steven was overwhelmed with the quality of the submissions, but from the 70 or so which he received, has narrowed them down to 12. He will announce a winner over the next month and Jnana Records will contact the top twelve artists to discuss a plan to release them on CD.

Athens concert April 2007 featuring Baby Dee, Maja Elliot, Simon Finn, Julia Kent, Little Annie, Othon Mataragas, Ernesto Tomasini, Joolie Wood, Blind Cave Salamander, (r) and others

St. Shepherd @ Small Music Theatre present:

Lost-In-Thyme Music Festival
27, 28, 29 April 2007
'Art House Ekvasis'
5 Deligianni str.
Behind Panteion University
Metro Station Syggrou-Fix
Athens, Greece


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +30 6944 69 16 68 +30 210 92 45 644


¤ 25.00 per day; Festival 3 day pass: ¤ 55.00

Ticket pre-sale:

  • I-TICKET: www.i-ticket.gr
  • Jinx Recordstore 24, Asklipiou str, Athens, tel: +30 210 3645069
  • Vinyl Microstore 34, Didotou str, Athens, tel: +30 210 3614544
  • Dark Cell Records 84, Themistokleous str, Athens, tel: +30 210 3300017
  • Dark Side Records 57 Emmanouil Benaki str, Athens, tel: +30 210 3848353
  • Small Music Theatre 33 Veikou str, Koukaki, Athens, tel: +30 210 9245644

Doors open: 20.00 pm

Showtime: 21.00 pm

180 tickets will be issued for each night

Confirmed program:

Friday April 27th

Simon Finn (UK) * Maja Elliott (SWE) * Joolie Wood (UK) * Defile Des Ames (GR) * Sketches forŠ (GR)

Saturday April 28th

Baby Dee (US) feat John Contreras * Julia Kent (US) * Ernesto Tomasini (IT) * Othon Mataragas (GR)

Sunday April 29th

Little Annie Anxiety Bandez (US) feat Paul Wallfisch * Blind Cave Salamander (IT) * Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (r) (IT) * Burgundy Grapes (GR)

Favourites now and ever

The New Creation: "A Unique Disaster" (Aero Music AM 18)

This amazing concept album, written and performed by a Christian group which lives in Canada, deals with the return of AntiChrist and the Second Coming. Recorded in 2006, two friends, Eric Lanzillota and Allan MacInnis brought it to my attention after I had enthused about the recent CD by Silmaril, 'The Voyage of Icarus', and they kindly sent me a copy.

This is what I wrote to one of the members after I listened to it:

"I think it is absolutely remarkable, stunning. It is truthful, unique, heartfelt, dark (and sometimes darkly funny), completely sui generis and, on even a "secular" level, the songs are beautifully constructed, as is the sonic "background" atmospheric texture, whether in its collage forms or just purely as subliminal text. I just really really really loved this album; and I think its sincerity and power can be shown that even people who don't share your beliefs, or who are absolutely hostile to such theology, would still be moved by its passion. I do like the fact that there is humour there too, even if it is about such a perilous topic."

I do recommend this album deeply; it reminded me of 'Black Ships Ate The Sky', whilst sounding nothing like it at all. I played it to my friend Keith Wood of Hush Arbors whilst he was staying with us, and he too loved it.

It is available through the Canadian company Scratch Records here, and the USA company Companion Records here.

There is also a lovely piece on them by Allan MacInnis here.

Peace, love, happiness to you all always.

David Tibet, 26 III 2007