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Limp, "Orion"

The debut Morr Music release from this quartet of Danish wanna-becosmonauts takes the form of a marvelous six-track EP.
The instrumentalquartet is atypically more guitar-based than most Morr releases butisn't any less emotionally-charged as a number of the other acts on thelabel. Spacious, swirling guitars and electronic beats and noises arealmost remeniscent of the 'Pygmalion'-era Slowdive material. Combinethose with galactic keyboards that could easily have been chosen afterstaring for long hours at clear star-lit skies. It's no wonder they'rereceiving high marks with Darla, as Limp sound like a strong contenderfor a future Bliss-Out volume. Further tracks see their drummer takingmore of an active role, laying grounds for some powerful instrumentaljazz-influenced rock tunes. At six songs, this provides a greatintroduction to the band, almost like a stunning demo which -had- to bereleased. It showcases a competant range of tunes which can be bothcollege radio-friendly, charming, and attention-grabbing. These songsstrongly hint that a future full-length release form these guys wouldbe something to seriously look forward to. Keep your fingers crossedfor an essential, solid LP which could tie together wonderful songswith a trained ear for much appreciated sound workmanship. Limp isdefinitely a group to keep your eyes on.