NEWS 2000

November 2000

October saw the release of "The Wire Tapper 6" in The Wire Magazine. This double CD featured an exclusive track, "P.F.L. (Deambulation Mix)." November's issue comes with "Brain In The Wire" DISC A which features "Mary Jane (Marbles remix)," also an exclusive.
Steven Stapleton was unhappy with the quality of the transfer of the Nurse With Wound track, "P.F.L. (Deambulation Mix)" to the CD, however, and has placed the track at: .

"Brain In The Wire" DISC B will not surface until early 2001, but will feature another exclusive NWW track, "Cold (Miss Ticker mix)." This compilation will be available for purchase shortly after the magazine has been sent out. For more details, stay posted to the Brainwashed Recordings website .

June 2000

Santoor Lena Bicycle is the latest collaboration of Nurse With Wound and Aranos available in Gallery edition Limited to 500 copies. Each CD is contained in a handmade case crafted from two wooden squares with original and unique artwork on both sides. CD has 11 tracks:
  1. Sparking Cloud (Outing)
  2. Marbles
  3. Gongs & Wood
  4. Mary Jane
  5. Bathing in Air
  6. Two from Half's be Cracked
  7. Sunset Belly Mother
  8. Generally Regarded as Safe
  9. Peak of Purified Dream
  10. Dusty Bella
  11. Knife Knows his Doing
Steven Stapleton and Aranos painted large paintings (8 by 4 feet) by both of them working simultaneously on every one. All 18 were exhibited for one day in Town Hall Studio, Galway, Ireland. As they hang on swivels from the ceiling they swayed and twisted to the strains of Santoor Lena Bicycle. (Short video will be available soon).
Next day, paintings were cut into 1000 pieces to make 500 covers for Santoor Lena Bicycle CD. An A3 size poster in full colour accompanies it with 11 of the paintings before dissection. It costs 25, - plus 3, - postage and packing, and is available from:
Co. Galway

Aranos says, "I have been talking with my bank and will be able to accept cheques in other currencies for the equivalent exchange rate." Any more questions about this release or payments, please direct them to Aranos at .

Five years ago Steven Stapleton was asked to do a piece of music for the Nevers Festival, Musiqus Ultimes in France, Alice The Goon was the result. Only 500 vinyl copies were ever pressed for the festival goers, subsequently the original now commands extortionate prices among avid fans and collectors. WSD & Steven Stapleton now release Alice The Goon on CD for the first time ever. The CD also features an extra piece of untitled music recorded at the same time as the original Alice The Goon sessions.

old news but still good news
The Swinging Reflective collection has been released. This is a 2CD set consisting of Steven's favourite pieces of these collaborative works. Consisting of over 120 minutes of music, and unreleased material from Aranos and The Inflatable Side-show, along with newly designed full colour artwork by Babs Santini. This is available on CD only.

Also out now is Volcano The Bear - The Inhazer Decline CD.
From World Serpent's press release:

"Steven Stapleton revives his United Dairies label with this fine non- Nurse With Wound release from Volcano The Bear. VTB formed with the intention of being a group with uncompromising and boundless ideas. They created a musical environment crossing composition with improvisation, with the emphasis on free expression. Radical and unique, they came to the attention of Steven Stapleton who was bowled over by the group and asked them to join the United Dairies family. The Inhazer Decline offers a partial insight into the bear's limitless sound pool! Planetary Bethlehem, Giant Angles, The Queens Teeth, and Here Are The Bounds make up some of the 12 tracks featured on this strange release."