NEWS 2001

December 2001

Brain in the Wire is now available for order from Brainwashed . The special package is limited to 1500 copies and will include the two CDs given away in The Wire magazine along with a special Disc X (with secret contents - not available elsewhere). In addition, it will be packaged in a metal box wrapped in a wire, with loads of goodies inside. Orders will be taken until February 14th or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

November 2001

Santoor Lena Bicycle no longer available through WSD.
World Serpent has announced that they have sold out of the remaining copies of Santoor Lena Bicycle .

October 2001

Chance Meeting Special Edition.
The 21st Anniversary edition of the very first NWW album is now available. " Chance Meeting " is now available in a digipack edition with new cover art. The original cover art has been completely restored inside the deluxe booklet, which also includes old photos, credits and a few other odds and ends. The original music has been remastered and enhanced from the original analogue tapes. New exclusive takes the form of the +15 minute long "Strain, crack, break" recorded with David Tibet and Colin Potter and mixed at Aranos studio in September.

September 2001

Lumb's update
After a few major setbacks (having a new child and moving), production on Chris Wallis' film is going into full-force this coming autumn. Wallis is now seeking sponsors (with benefits) to help assist as the film nears completion in the editing stages. Expressions of interest should be sent to Chris Wallis' e mail adress: .
The film itself is a feature length, starring Steven Stapleton, David Tibet, Ruby and Tathata Wallis and Diana Rogerson, written and directed by Chris Wallis. Sound design is by Steven and features music by NWW including compositions especailly for the film. It is a drama and follows the the story of a young Irish woman caught up in the famine of the 1840s. Her near-death experience dissolves the boundaries that restrict her knowledge of human nature and she undertakes a journey through the stricken landscape that takes a hundred years. Shot in London and the West of Ireland over several years it will initially be availbale to film festivals with digital projection and later on video (possibly NTSC and PAL).

August 2001

Thunder Perfect Mind LP on Streamline.
The double-LP set is now available on Streamline, through Drag City in the USA. It's a 2xLP set with the exact material which is on the TPM reissue CD. Colder Still however is broken up into two sides due to its length.

Swinging Reflective Watch!
Now available through World Serpent is a spiffy new watch from the Vagina Man on the Swinging Reflective cover. The band is clear, the price is cheap!

Rock 'N Roll Station (the NWW Radio).
Nurse With Wound is now being broadcast all day/all night on Live 365. Click here to tune in. We suggest using WinAmp to stream the broadcast.

June 2001

Xhol Caravan - Motherfuckers Live Triple CD. UDOR5/6CD.
Steven Stapleton, David Tibet & Christoph Heeman are delighted to announce the release of the 3CD set MOTHERFUCKERS LIVE by the greatest Krautrock group of all time, XHOL CARAVAN. Their three classic albums, ELECTRIP, HAU - RUCK & MOTHERFUCKERS GMBH & CO KG, two of which appeared on the legendary OHR label, are considered to be amongst the most extreme, mind bending, freeform psychedelia ever created. UNITED DURTRO, with the assistance of XHOL CARAVAN themselves, now release two beautifully recorded live shows from 1968 & 1969, one of which reproduces in its entirety the infamous FREEDOM OPERA, which includes a mesmerising expanded version of Donovan's classic SEASON OF THE WITCH. The other live show is a cosmic space - improvisation broadcast for German radio.
A bonus 20 minute CD completes this 3CD package has NURSE WITH WOUND, CURRENT 93 & CHRISTOPH HEEMAN covering their favourite moments from XHOL's wonderful back catalogue.
Full colour package, with full colour 12 page booklet, with striking psychedelic artwork by Babs Santini & Steven Stapleton, as well as liner notes by Stapleton, Tibet & Heeman, and reproductions of old XHOL posters and group photos.

Current 93/ Nurse With Wound - Bright Yellow Moon CD. UDOR8CD.
The first ever-joint album by CURRENT NINETY-THREE & NURSE WITH WOUND. With lyrics written after David Tibet's near - death experience in 2000, and with music composed by C93 & NWW in the months following. Also featuring Michael Cashmore. In a full - colour digipak with liner notes by Tibet and joint design by Stapleton & Tibet.

A limited edition was produced with PURTLE, a free 4-track CD comprising alternate versions of tracks from the album, and a special varnished text overprint on the cover. These were offered for sale via David Tibet, and are no longer available from him. A small number are now available via WORLD SERPENT DISTRIBUTION.

May 2001

The limited 2CD set is now SOLD OUT from Durtro . Any orders received but not yet processed, or in transit, or that have been reserved by e-mail will be honoured. WORLD SERPENT have taken from Durtro a small amount of copies which will be available from their mail-order department. The standard issue of BRIGHT YELLOW MOON will be released in June on CD and on vinyl; these will be available from and World Serpent.

The sister release of CURRENT 93's album of the same name, was originally released in the winter of 1991. This new version, in a specially produced full colour digipak, consists of the 2 classic 30 minute recordings that made up the original album: COLD, an intense industrial mindfuck on overload, and, in COLDER STILL the band at their most psychedelic and spaced-out.
This album is regarded as one of Nurse With Wound's greatest. Also exclusive to this new release is the previously unreleased MISS TICKER, a seven-minute psychotic remix of COLD featuring David Tibet and Colin Potter.
With newly redone cover art and new artwork by Steven Stapleton.

April 2001

UD098 is available: previously released music from the deleted EPs Yagga Blues & Soresucker, coupled with the unreleased full version of Funeral Music For Perez Prado. Mixed by Steven Stapleton and remastered by Denis Blackham with cover artwork by Babs Santini. Release comes in a digipak.

The CD release of Automating Volume One is finally available. This release comes on gatefold digipak CD with insert and translucent 12" vinyl, also with insert. It includes all the recordings from the long - deleted AUTOMATING 1 album on United Dairies, as well as the 10-minute piece, "Automating (Again)" given by NWW to the impossibly rare BORN OUT OF DREAMS compilation on Frux Records. Both formats contain the original, and new artwork by Babs Santini and Matt Waldron. The album features Steven Stapleton, and has contributions from David Tibet (Current 93), Robert Haigh (Sema and Omni Trio), Brian Williams (Lustmord), David Jackman (Organum), Jim Thirwell (Foetus), William Bennett (Essential Logic), David Cross (King Crimson), and John Fothergill.
An Exquisite Corpse is functioning again.
There is a new 10 minute NWW composition available for download at: . "Old Man Vox Albation" appears to have been made during the recording of Bright Yellow Moon / Purtle. The musicians on it are David Tibet: Vocals; Steven Stapleton: Mix and Sound Manipulation; Michael Cashmore: Guitar; Chris Wallis: Sitar. According to Brian Conniffe, " was set up by the Irish government, in order to provide every home in the Burren area of County Clare, Ireland, with an internet connection and computers. The reason is mainly to do with the very isolated nature of that part of Ireland. Stapleton lives there, so that's way that stuff is up there. I wouldn't count on it turning into any sort of substantial website, however."

February 2001

Automating volume 2 and Drunk With the Old Man of the Mountains are still in the pipeline allegedly. With any luck, they'll be out later 2001.

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