NEWS 2005

December 2005

Jnana Records are currently taking pre-orders for a 5 CD compilation due to be release in mid January 2006. All the proceeds of the release will be given to Medecins San Frontieres to target their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. It includes the Nurse With Wound track Ubu Noir.

It has been confirmed that Nurse With Wound will be playing live in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall 15/16/17 June 2006. These are the first shows to be announced under the Nurse With Wound name for over 20 years.

Salt Marie Celeste will be performed by Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Diana Rogerson and Andrew Liles in Barcelona on 24th February 2006. Apparently Echo Poeme 4 will be released to coincide with the event.

Steven Stapleton has designed the labels for a bottle of Absinthe manufactured by Absinthevertrieb . There is a limited edition of 100 in a specially designed box. Included in this box is a limited edition CD entitled Natal Moonies with the tracks Rock 'n' Roll Station (Lost Bottle Mix) by Andrew Liles and Scapegoat (Something nasty in the woodshed) by the Broken Penis Orchestra.

Steven Stapleton makes an appearance in the January 2006 edition of the UK's WIre magazine in their Invisible Jukebox feature.

Klanggalerie have released Sand Tangled Women a ltd. 500 copies 7".

November 2005

Durtro have announced that Nurse With Wound will be playing 2 or 3 shows in San Francisco in June 2006. More details very very soon.
Shipwreck Radio Volume Two and limited edition CD Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun released.

October 2005

Colin Potter's ICR Distribution has announced the imminent release of Shipwreck Radio Vol. 2. This will be a new double CD (in a 6-panel digipak) to be released in early/mid November - pre-orders are being taken. As with Vol. 1, there will also be a special limited edition of 250 with an additional CD (not CD-R as per Vol. 1.)

August 2005

According to the Durtro website, Nurse with Wound will no longer be playing the two shows scheduled for San Francisco with Current 93 on the 4th & 5th November 2005, although Steve Stapleton will be present. Livin' Fear of James Last - a retrospective 2CD compilation on Sanctuary/Castle is scheduled for release on 29th August 2005. See the Durtro news page for a tracklisting of this release and ordering details. Copies ordered before 16th August will be signed both Steve Stapleton and David Late Tibet. Klanggalerie list Gyllensköld, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's + bonus tracks for a CD release (gg108). Originally released on Laylah Antirecords this re-issue presents the original version with unreleased material from the same recording sessions.
No further information on the Nurse With Wound 7" they have had listed for some time now. Beta Lactam Ring Records "Records Are Not For Baking" series has started, expect a Nurse With Wound/Aranos collaboration in the future as part of it. Subscribers to the series will also receive an additional limited edition 12" picture disc with each release. The Irr. App. (Ext.) site reports on a 5-way collaboration between Irr. App. Ext., R.K. Faulhaber, Jim Haynes, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Steven Stapleton that has also been completed. The 10 track project will be issued through The Helen Scarsdale Agency with hand-printed inserts by Jim Hayes, featuring graphic contributions from all participants. No release date has been set. Already released on Jnanarecords are the following: Nurse With Wound Echo Poeme Sequence No. 2 CD United Jnana 2005CD
John Contreras/Rose McDowall/Nurse With Wound [Untitled] CD Durtro Jnana 1982CD

March 2005

The two non-Nurse With Wound shows on May 6th and 7th in Vienna featuring NWW members Steven Stapleton, Diana Rogerson, and Colin Potter have sold out. Subsequently, Klanggalerie has added a third show: the Saturday Matinee is scheduled for 2:30pm in the same place. Additionally, Matt Waldron of Irr.App.(Ext.) has been added to the lineup. February 2005
Steven Stapleton, Diana Rogerson, and Colin Potter OF Nurse With Wound are scheduled to perform in Vienna, Austria on Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th.
Please note that while all members have been involved with Nurse With Wound, this is -not- a Nurse With Wound performance.
For more details on ticketing, see .

January 2005

Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains is being issued on CD for the very first time. Although all tracks have been previously available on other CDs, they're all out of print for the time being. Pre-orders (at the very affordable rate of $14.99 USD) can be made the Durtro/Jnana operation based in Toronto, Canada here . The Eye Volume 032 is now available at the Brainwashed Comerce section. It features video interviews of Steven Stapleton, Aranos, and Z'ev and features performances by Aranos and Z'ev.