NEWS 2006

December 2006

Brainwashed main site reports: "The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home is the brand new full-length album from Diana Rogerson (formerly known as Chrystal Belle Scrodd). It was produced with Steven Stapleton (of Nurse With Wound) and Matt Waldron (of Irr.App.(Ext.)) and should be available from United Jnana in early 2007.
An mp3 of "Ashfelt Kiss" has been posted and is based on a song by Ash Ra Temple."

Brainwashed main site reports that Steven Stapleton has provided more information on the brand new Diana Rogerson album, The Lights Are On But No One's Home, including a tracklist and a free sample.

The album, Diana's third full length release, was produced by and recorded with Steven Stapleton and Matt Waldron (of Irr.App.(Ext.)) between February and October of 2006 at Colin Potter's ICR Studio. It's scheduled for an early 2007 release on United Jnana and contains the following songs:

Behind the Curtain of the Sun
Cupboardy Re-nude
Ashfelt Kiss (based on a song by Ash-Ra Temple)
Mirage Man
Notes from the Underworld to a Crazy Girl
Sri-Mata Amatananda Mayi Devi
Chant Da Mort-D'Amour

A full MP3 of "Ashfelt Kiss" is due on the Web site soon but will make its premiere on this week's Brainwashed Podcast - so sometime from 10-DEC-2006 onwards.

Cover artwork and a release date will be posted when available.

Brainwashed main site reports on some details of the ATP NWW gig on Friday 8th December. Nurse With Wound will consist of Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Matt Waldron and Andrew Liles. They will be joined by a drummer and feature David Tibet of Current 93 on vocals. Pieces will include "The Dead Side of the Moon" and a unique rendition of "Two Shaves and a Shine."

In other NWW-related news, Steven Stapleton has been asked to join the three original members of Faust to be part of their touring ensemble and has completed production on The Lights Are On But No One's Home, the newest release by Diana Rogerson.

Durtro have announced that David Tibet will be curating a Festival in Donau, Austria on Friday 20 April and Saturday 21 April, 2007. The current line-up includes: Baby Dee, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Current 93, Cyclobe, Fovea Hex, Julia Kent, Larsen featuring Jˇhann Jˇhannsson, Little Annie, Marc Almond, Matmos featuring Jay Lesser, Om, Simon Finn and Nurse With Wound.

Keep an eye on

They also report an upcoming release by Diana Rogerson - The Lights Are On But No-one Is Home.

November 2006

absinthvertrieb have issued another limited - 25 copies only - NWW Absinthe. The box is printed in green, rather than the black of the original release, and it contains a CD - whether that is Natal Moonies, or not, remains to be seen.

It has been announced that Nurse With Wound will play as headline for one night of a 2 day festival in Barcelona:

Saturday 24 february:
(Steven Stapleton, Matt Waldron, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter, David Tibet)

Sunday 25 february
LITTLE ANNIE (feat. Paul Wallfish)

Caprichos de Apolo
Sala Apolo/Barcelona

Audience seated.
Tickets available through online sale ( mid December.
For further information please contact

Further details of the Brainwaves festival have been announced.
Steven Stapleton will be playing a DJ set on Saturday November 18th.
The film "Lumb's Sister" gets its world premiere. This film by Chris Wallis featuring David Tibet and music by Nurse With Wound. This film has been nearly 20 years in the making and it's finally ready to be seen. This will be the only place to see the film at the moment as there are no current plans for release or distribution.
Visit the brainwashed main site Brainwashed for more information on tickets

October 2006

Jnana report:

"Two Shaves and a Shine remix contest!
As most of you know, disc 2 of our 'An Awkward Pause' reissue (full details at contains a track entitled 'Two Shaves and a Shine (Ingredients) Create your own track!'. We've decided to take that literally and have a contest which will allow you, the listener, to create your own version of 'Two Shaves' and submit it to us.
On or about November 1st, when the disc is released, we will post all the specifics on the Jnana Records website, but in the meantime, here is what we propose:
All completed tracks will be uploaded by you to the site at and passed on to Steven. After the competition is closed (December 31st, 2006), Steven will choose his favorites, with one entry being selected as the winner.
At that point, we will post the Fave 10 on the site and allow you to download both the tracks and custom artwork (designed by Steven), to make your own CD of Steven's favorites.
The winner will receive the original piece of Steven's art which was used to form the basis of the CD cover.
That's it for now. The discs are pressing as I write this with a likely arrival date being the last week of October. Allowing for possible delays and mailing time as well, it should still leave a good 4-6 weeks for you to create your masterpiece!"

September 2006

Jnana report:

Nurse With Wound: An Awkward Pause special edition 2CD
We are pleased to re-release one of the most popular albums in the Nurse With Wound discography. Originally released in 1999, 'An Awkward Pause' adds David Tibet, Christoph Heemann, Colin Potter and Petr Vastl (Aranos) to the mix, resulting in an extremely unique sounding and dare we say, rocking release.
This 2 CD set is released in a deluxe 6 panel digifile and adds a second disc of all previously unreleased tracks. Most interesting for Nurse fans is the fact that one of the tracks allows the listener to take all the elements and mix their own version of 'Two Shaves and a Shine'! Absolutely essential!
An Awkward Pause: Intravenous * Two Shaves and a Shine (concerto for bouzouki and 3 piece rock group in 93 six second segments) * The Penis Fruit Loop * Lunar Cement Sidewalk * Mummer's Little Weeper
bonus disc:
Mummer's Little Weeper (Kinky whim demo) * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 1) * Disposition One * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 2) * Disposition Two * Penis Fruit Loop (Bald and beardless version) * Intravenous (Plump aerospheric mix) * Disposition Three * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 3) * Two Shaves and a Shine (Original archaic demo) * Two Shaves and a Shine (Ingredients) Create your own track! * Two Shaves and a Shine (Bastard disco version) * Mummer's Little Weeper (Mud ooze sloth mix)

Available to pre-order from them.

August 2006

Chrystal Belle Scrodd are are no longer playing the second annual Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival in Seattle.

Steven Stapleton has contribued several images for the final issue of the literary journal 3rd bed. Anyone interested can obtain copies at

July 2006

Jnana report that among the next releases in their pipeline will be An Awkward Pause reissue (CD plus bonus disc in a deluxe digifile. The second disc will comprise unreleased tracks from the session and will NOT include the bonus LP issued in a limited form at the time)

June 2006

Chrystal Belle Scrodd are lined-up to play on Saturday September 9th at the second annual Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival in Seattle. Their first ever live performance.

Durtro reports "At the invitation of Thurston Moore, Nurse With Wound will be playing live at All Tomorrow's Parties at their new location in Minehead, Somerset. The day that NWW are playing has not yet been decided. Other groups playing include Six Organs of Admittance and Iggy & the Stooges. For more details go to "

It appears the following related items were available at the recent performances:
Rat Tapes 1 - 18 tracks over 71 mins 1000 copies also a limited edition hand made version of 50 unnumbered copies on United Dairies
Natal Moonies - 150 signed, hand tinted and numbered copies - apparently the same CD as the recent Absinthe box
Possible Nursemix - 1 track of 13 mins
Shipwreck Radio Final Broadcast - 2 tracks

Matt Waldron reports from his website here that he will be performing with Nurse With Wound at the Great American Music Hall performances.
He also reports that the 20th June event staged at Sabala's Mt. Tabor will be the second Scribble Seven event although the full line-up is not decided. There will also be performances by Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Green Milk From The Planet Orange and Orbit Service.

April 2006

Helen Scarsdale Agency has announced the imminent release of The Sleeping Moustache on May 2, 2006. This is a collaboration between Steven Stapleton, M.S. Waldron, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, and R.K. Faulhaber. This can now be pre-ordered through their website. The first pressing of 1700 copies includes artwork featuring five letterpress prints from each of the artists.

Beta-lactam Ring Records and Jack Pot Records have announced that Steven Stapleton will be performing in Portland OR on 20 Jun, 2006 at Sabala's Mt. Tabor . Appearing are:
- Steven Stapleton-Andrew Liles-Colin Potter
- Green Milk from the Planet Orange
- Orbit Service

Beta-lactam Ring Records have announced that part 6 of their "Records are Not for Baking" series by Nurse With Wound will be available late summer 2006. They have also announced the re-issue of Rock 'n Roll Station. Available as 500 copies, 180g 2xLP vinyl with new artwork and a bonus track from Second Pirate Sessions. Also a deluxe CD version - available late May-2006.

Also announced is "Stereo Wastelands" a collection of musical debris from the "Who Can I Turn To Stereo" sessions. A one time CD edition of 500 numbered copies and an already sold-out limited edition LP version - available early June-06.

ICR Distribution have announced the release of Nurse With Wound SOUNDPOOLING (ICR 55) CD - A recording of the last night's performance in Vienna last year(slightly adjusted) with an extra brand new track,'IN SWOLLEN SILENCE' They are now taking pre-orders for this CD.There will be a special edition,limited to 300 copies,which will include an extra CD.This will contain the 42 minute track,'A HAND JOB FOR THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN' (ICR 56).

March 2006

The Steven Stapleton interview on Kinkfm can be found here for as long as it is available.

The track on the DARK Files CD is listed as being "Die, Flip Or Go To India Exclusive alternate take"

According to Durtro "Steven has made a small edition of some original first pressings of the long-deleted United Dairies compilation "An Afflicted Man's Musica Box" available. The mint album comes in a plain black sleeve on which Steven has drawn a numbered Automatic Drawing, which he has then signed, with the original insert attached to the other side of the sleeve, There are 20 copies in the edition, of which Steven has so far completed 13, of which 6 have been already bought by friends of Steven, leaving 7 for sale as on eBay's "buy-it-now" item for US $194.99 each plus postage. These are being sold from Mark Logan's eBay site in Canada, and hence there is no VAT/sales tax for any European purchasers. The remaining 7 will be put up on the same site when Steven completes them--and when this happens there will be a Durtro update."

Further to the post below, there is more information concerning a launch gig for the X-Rated: The DARK Files CD at . The CD also features rare or exclusive tracks by Coil, Scanner, Markant, Raison d'être, Monoton, KaH, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir under the direction of Peter Christopherson

This Sunday 19-MAR-2006 there will be an interview with Steven Stapleton on X-rated, radio Kinkfm. The program is broadcasted from 21:00 to 0:00 Dutch time (CET). It will be a Stapleton special including a phone interview with Steven. You can hear the live broadcast via , and from Monday or Tuesday the broadcast should be downloadable for podcast. The interview may mainly be about the new X-rated CD on which he also contributes.

February 2006

Nurse With Wound provide the track Soliloquy for Lil(es)ith to the album In My Fathers House Are Many Mansions - various artists remixing, re-ordering, adding and subtracting the recordings of Andrew Liles

Nurse With Wound provide the track Ubu Noir to the recently released Not Alone compilation out on Jnana .

Klanggalerie are now shipping the third pressing of Sand Tangled Women which should be a good pressing. Contact them for further details.

According to ICR Distribution - If all goes according to plan, Steve Stapleton, Colin Potter, Matt Waldron [from US band], Maja Elliott [from Current 93], Freida Abtan (from Canada) and Andrew Liles, otherwise know as 'Scribble Seven' will play.

Also they report that it looks as if the new NWW album will not be ready by then but will hopefully be out later in March.

Tickets for the Intergration 5 event at St.Peters Arts Centre,University of Central Lancashire,Preston on March 3rd are on sale here , with more information here.

Tickets for the Great American Music Hall gig in San Francisco are now on sale . It appears to be only 2 dates at the moment - 16th & 17th June.

Klanggalerie reports that the second pressing of Sand Tangled Women is also bad. So it's up for a third pressing. Check with them for further details.

ICR Distribution report of an impending live date of Steven Stapleton,Colin Potter & Freida Altan(from Canada) playing live at St.Peters Arts Centre,University of Central Lancashire,Preston on March 3rd. It is not stated under what name the performance will be made. This will also include the first ever live appearance of Monos(Darren Tate,Paul Bradley & Colin Potter).Also,some films by John Lacy, video projections, ICR & 20 Hertz stalls. Check their website for further information

In conjunction with that performance will be a new Nurse With Wound album,S?O?U?N?D?P?O?O?L?I?N?G? (ICR 54) . There will be a special limited edition with an extra disc. More details will be provided by them shortly.

iTunes now have the following three albums available for download. Echo Poeme Sequence No. 2, Salt Marie Celeste and Soliloquy For Lilith. Links have been placed on the relevant pages, but you will need iTunes installed, and they may not work for all browsers.

The gig planned for Barcelona this month has been cancelled.

January 2006

Durtro have an image of the new Nurse With Wound Album Bitchin' 'N' Bitin' 'N' Pimpin' (Goatheard) - Staple-Tone on their images page.

The Eye video documentary for Nurse With Wound will be exhibited on the big screen at Club Transmediale in Berlin on February 9th (location: Maria Am Osbahnhof). This is part of the music documentary program Handclaps. For more information on the program, see or

Klanggalerie reports that some of the Sand Tangled Women discs have been badly pressed and are noisy, sounding like they have been played 200 times before. They are currently working on a solution which may mean a re-press and/or offer of refund.

Durtro have announced that Livin' Fear of James Last - the retrospective 2CD compilation on Sanctuary - has been released in the US under cat# 02182-36228-2.
David Tibet also reports that he is currently enjoying Nurse With Wound's Bitchin' 'N' Bitin' 'N' Pimpin' (Goatheard) scheduled for release on United Jnana Summer 2006.