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Coil was begun by Geff Rushton (aka John/Jhonn Balance) in 1984. Peter Christopherson (aka Sleazy) joined almost immediately and the two operated together as Coil (and various aliases such as ELpH, Black Light District, and Time Machines) until Geff's passing in 2004. Geff and Peter were the inspiration behind all Coil releases and had the final say on all material that bore the name Coil. The only other people recognized as members on recorded releases were Stephen Thrower, Drew McDowall, William Breeze, and Thighpaulsandra. Compositions have always remained the property of Rushton and Christopherson. Numerous other people have appeared as guests on recordings and on stage while others have been employed as engineers and producers. Nothing was Coil, however, without the final approval by Geff and Peter. Only Peter and Geff had the authority to release as Coil. Since the passing of Peter Christopherson, no authorized recordings have been officially released bearing the name of Coil. None. No "art pressings," no "private releases," and certainly no "newly uncovered remixes."


November 2014

Two new books are now available from Timeless
Peter Christopherson PhotographyPeter Christopherson Photography
Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
27 x 33,5 cm - 284 pages - Hardcover

The legendary unpublished photographic work of Peter Christopherson from Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Hypgnosis.

The b/w photos featured in the book run the gamut from personal fetishes to social commentary on 1970s UK, portraits of bands , friends and strangers.
There are both snapshots and highly staged scenarios.

Approximately 95% of this material is published here for the first time ever.

Foreword & short personal reminiscence by Thighpaulsandra.

Regular edition of 500 copies
a video preview is available here:

Bright Lights and Cats With No MouthsBright Lights and Cats With No Mouths - The Art of John Balance Collected
Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
29 x 29 cm - 248 pages in full colors - Hardcover

The first ever extensive overview of art (drawings, paintings and sketches) created by John Balance.
The artworks featured in the book are both finished elaborate hallucinatory pieces as well as quick sketches with a good sprinkling of Balance’s often underestimated humour.
Homages to idols and inspirations next to idiosyncratic magical dreamscapes executed in a wide variety of styles and mediums

Compiled by Liam Thomas and Thighpaulsandra - with text by Val Denham and Jeremy Reed.

First edition of 500 copies

a video preview is available here:

January 2013

Internet Archive links
Coil live concerts have been appearing in the Internet Archive recently. We have added links to them on the performances page, in the 'Document' column, and will continue to update the page as more come available. Additionally, we have also added links to several interviews in the archive, which can be found on the texts & interviews page.

July 2012

Surgeon remix
Anthony Child, a.k.a. Surgeon, has posted his 2001 remix of 'Teenage Lightning' online. Intended to be released on a 12" that was to be part of a vinyl box set edition of Coil's first three albums, it never saw the light of day when the project remained shelved. The track is available for streaming and download via Surgeon's Soundcloud page.

Threshold House update
In an update of the Threshold House site, the release of 'TM2: The Legacy' has been hinted at. No date for what is presumably the second Time Machines release has been set, "due to the complicated nature of the project". However, it is hoped that the release will see the light of day before the year is over.

September 2011

Threshold House updates
The rare video for Love's Secret Domain has been made available for streaming and downloading through Threshold House.
Furthermore, the Threshold House shop has been updated. Though the available CD's and music have hardly changed, most sections of the shop now include an introductory text from Peter Christopherson on the period concerned.

January 2011

Final Transmission: Fire in the sky
On, a video has been posted of what was to be the first in an occasional series of videos by Peter Christopherson. In it, he looks at a local Thai festival and muses about its local and global significance. See it here.

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