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FAQs (compiled in 2001 by Peter and Geff)

Book of Condolences (A collection of emails from people to Peter, December 2004)

Interviews (audio)

John Balance interview, VPRO Radio, 1985 (excerpt)
Coil interview, Radio FFN, Grenwellen, February 9th, 1987
Coil interview, VPRO Radio, March 11th, 1987
Coil interview, La Stampa, VPRO Radio, April 17th 1991
Coil interview, Hello Culture, 2000 (same, on YouTube)
Coil interview, Radio Inferno, June 20th, 2001
Peter Christopherson interview, Mutek, May 16th, 2003
Peter Christopherson & Thighpaulsandra interview, Supersonic, July 12th, 2003
Coil interview, Rattlebag, Dublin, Ireland, October 22th, 2004

Articles & Interviews (text)

The Quietus, June 2010, by Scott McKeating
Tiny Mix Tapes, November 2008, by Mangoon
The Million Dollar Altar, Brainwashed, August 2006, by Grant Regnaert and Paul Ferguson
Thighpaulsandra interview: The Vile Receipt, Heathen Harvest, August 2006
Sleazy interview, 2005, by Kristian Day
Absolute Elsewhere, Heathen Harvest, April 2004, by Malahki Thorn
The Stylus Interview Series, April 2004, by Scott McKeating
Strangers In The Night, Terrorizer, 2003, by Guy Strachan
Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil, September 2001, by Derek de Koff
Interview, April 2002, by Peter Kecskés
Coil Fucks Our American Minds for the First Time and for Good, Alien Rock, 2001
Sounds of Blackness, Fortean Times, 2001, by Mark Pilkington
England's Dreaming, The Wire, Issue 194, April 2000, by Ian Penman
What A Wind-Up?, Pure Magazine, 2000, by Joe Muggs
interview transcript, The Wire, September 1998, by David Keenan
Brainwashed, May 1997, by Jon Whitney
Beyond the Eskaton, Convulsion, 1996, by Dorian F. Moore
In the Temple of Abomination, Auf Abwegen, 1995, by Zipo (Till Demtroder)
Hip Gnostics, The Lizard, 1995, by John Everall
Obscure Mechanics, The Wire, April 1995, by John Everall
Zillo, 1995, by Dirk Hoffman
Queer Noises, 1995, by John Gill
Distorted Loop, 1995
Fist, 1993
Compulsion, 1992, by Tony Dickie
Human Rites: Coil's Agony and Ecstasy, Option, 1992, by Scott Lewis
Convulsion, 1992
Melody Maker, 1992
Uncoiled, Mondo 2000, 1992, by Jas Morgan and Diana Trimble
Music From The Empty Quarter, #3, 1991
Entering a More Pleasant Domain, Alternative Press, 1991, by Marlena Sonn
Propaganda, 1991
Black Sheep And Black Suns, Spiral Scratch, 1991
John Balance & Peter Christopherson’s Top 10 , Alternative Press, 1991
Lust's Dark Exit, February 1990, by Olav Hagen
Horsemen of the Apocalypse, New Music Express, 11th April, 1987
The Darker Side of Sampling, Keyboard Magazine, July 1987
Tape Delay, 1987, by Charles Neal
Datacide, 1986, by Christoph Fringeli
Stator, 1986 magazine with compilation LP
ADN, #7 / Skeletal Work, #5, 1985
The Feverish, #4, 1985
The Invocation of the Black Sun, Gnosis, 1985, by Tim O'Neill
Boys From The Crap Stuff, Zigzag, September 1985, by Tom Vague
The Feverish, #3, 1985
Artitude #5, April 1985
Artitude #1, October 1984
AbrAhAdAbrA issue #1, January 1985
Unsound, Vol.1, No.5, 1984
Interchange 2, February 1984
The Fetish For Shit, Abstract Magazine, 1984, by Rob (issue 4, 1984)
They Are Going To Take Me Away Ha Ha, 1984
The Feverish, #1, 1984
Grok, #6, November 1983

Newsletters and Official Announcements from Threshold House

email letter, July 1997
email letter, October 1996
email letter, January 1996
Emergency Information Update, 1st June 1995.
email letter, May 1995
Threshold House Newsletter Summer 1994
Threshold House Newsletter 1993
Threshold House Newsletter October 1992
Coil info booklet #2, 1987
A Coil Magazine, 1987

Other texts

Coil Manifesto, 1983
Thomas Browne's Musæum Clausum, the source for many of the items in Batwings (Wikipedia article)

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