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albums and singles

Colour Sound Oblivion2010CoilDVDx16
The New Backwards2008CoilCD
Animal Are You?2006CoilCDS
Live in Porto2006CoilCD
The Ape of Naples2005CoilCD/4xLP
...And the Ambulance Died In His Arms2005CoilCD
ANS (box)2004CoilCDx3+DVD
Selvaggina: Go Back Into the Woods2004CoilCD-R
Black Antlers2004CoilCD-R/CDx2
Live Box2003CoilCDx6+1xCD-R
Live One2003CoilCDx2
Live Two2003CoilCD
The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence2003Coil10"
Live Three2003CoilCD
Live Four2003CoilCD
The Golden Hare With A Voice Of Silver2002CoilCDx2
The Remote Viewer2002CoilCD-R/CDx2
Moon's Milk In Four Phases (bonus disc)2002CoilCD-R
Moon's Milk In Four Phases2001CoilCDx2
A Guide for Finishers: A Golden Hair2001CoilCD
A Guide for Beginners: A Silver Voice2001CoilCD
Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil2000CoilCD
Time Machines from the Heart of Darkness2000Time MachinesCD
Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 22000CoilCD/LPx2
Queens of the Circulating Library2000CoilCD EP
Zwölf1999ELpHCD EP
Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 11999CoilCD/LP
Astral Disaster1999CoilLP/CD
Winter Solstice1999Coil7"/CD EP
Autumn Equinox1998Coil7"/CD EP
Summer Solstice1998Coil7"/CD EP
Spring Equinox1998Coil7"/CD EP
Time Machines1998Time MachinesCD/LPx2
Unnatural History III (Joyful Participation in the Sorrows of the World)1997CoilCD
A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room1996Black Light DistrictCD/LPx2
Unnatural History II (Smiling in the Face of Perversity)1995CoilCD
Windowpane/The Snow1995CoilCD
Worship the Glitch1995ELpH vs. CoilCD/10"x2
pHILM #11994ELpH10"
Born Again Pagans1994Coil vs. ELpHCD EP
Nasa Arab/First Dark Ride1994Coil vs. the Eskaton12"
The Angelic Conversation1994CoilCD
Themes for Derek Jarman's Blue1993Coil7"
Airborne Bells/Is Suicide a Solution?1993Coil7"
How to Destroy Angels (Remixes and Re-Recordings)1992CoilCD
Stolen and Contaminated Songs1992CoilCD
The Snow1991Coil12"/CS/CD EP
Love's Secret Domain1991CoilLP/CS/CD
Windowpane1990Coil12"/CD EP
Unnatural History (Compilation Tracks Compiled)1990CoilCD
Wrong Eye/Scope1990Coil7"
The Consequences of Raising Hell (the unreleased themes for Hellraiser)1987Coil10"/CS/CD EP
The Wheel/The Wheal/Keelhauler1987Coil7"
Gold is the Metal (with the Broadest Shoulders)1987CoilLP/CD
Horse Rotorvator1987CoilLP/CS/CD
The Anal Staircase1986Coil12"
Nightmare Culture1985Sickness of Snakes/Current 9312"
Panic/Tainted Love1985Coil12"/CD EP
Dolbied (The Melancholy Mad Tenant)1984Coil/The New Blockaders/Vortex CampaignCS/CD/LP
How to Destroy Angels1984Coil12"
Transparent1984Zos Kia/CoilLP/CS/CD

compilation appearances

Music For Death From Circles To Square 2013The Green ChildColour Sound Oblivion (disc 15)
Why Be Blake When You Can Be Bleak?2010Manifestoexclusive
Songs For A Child - A Tribute To Pier Paolo Pasolini2009Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)Horse Rotorvator
Sleepwalk: A Selection By Optimo (Espacio)2008A Cold Cell In Bangkokexclusive
Brainwaves2006Stoned Circular 3exclusive
Brainwaves2006Journey to Aveburyexclusive
Not Alone2006Broccoli (live)exclusive
X-Rated: The Dark Files2006Coppice MeatMoon's Milk In Four Phases (bonus disc)
Black Sun Productions: OperettAmorale2005A List Of Wishesexclusive
Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 042005Sex With Sun Ra (edit)Black Antlers
Lactamase: The Closure2003Bad Messageexclusive
England's Hidden Reverse2003The Lost Rivers of LondonUnnatural History III
England's Hidden Reverse2003Amethyst DeceiversAutumn Equinox
England's Hidden Reverse2003ChaostrophyLove's Secret Domain
England's Hidden Reverse2003Are You Shivering?Music to Play in the Dark Vol. 1
England's Hidden Reverse2003SlurScatology
Mutek 032003The Testexclusive
The Wire 20: 1982-20022002Wrong EyeUnnatural History III
X-Rated: The Electronic Files2002Remote Viewing 1 (excerpt)The Remote Viewer
CoH: Москве2002Philm (Sleeper Mix)exclusive
Beta-Beat 012002The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence II (excerpt)The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence
Brain NOT In The Wire2002Mayhem Accelerator part 1exclusive
Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 012002EndedWorship the Glitch
Light + Kraft2002Love's Secret DomainLove's Secret Domain
Lichttaufe2001Are You Shivering?Music to Play in the Dark Vol. 1
sR:Ample2001Broken Aura (excerpt)Emre (Dark Matter)
Rough Trade Shops: 25 Years2001Further Back and FasterLove's Secret Domain
Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology Volume 242000Glisten #2exclusive
Emre (Dark Matter)2000Broken Auraexclusive
The Wire Tapper 6 Special Edition2000A Cold CellA Guide for Beginners
Cornucopea2000Time Machines (excerpt)Time Machines
The Torture Garden1999Blue RatsA Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room
Alternative Press Presents Industrial Strength Music1999PanicScatology
Interiors1998Gnomic Versesexclusive
Foxtrot1998Blue Rats (Blue Cheese mix)exclusive
Foxtrot1998HeartwormsTerra Serpentes
Narcosis1997Stoned Circular IIA Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room
Terra Serpentes1997HeartwormsFoxtrot
Treat the Gods As If They Exist1996If It Wasn't Wolves, What Was It?exclusive
Succour1996Lost Rivers of LondonUnnatural History III
Macro Dub Infection Vol. 11995The Hills Are AliveUnnatural History II
El Mondo Ambiente1994The Snow (Driftmix)The Snow EP
Out There: A Thread Through Time1994Nasa ArabStolen and Contaminated Songs
Space Daze1994Nasa ArabStolen and Contaminated Songs
Black Box - Wax Tax! Records: The First 13 Years1994The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)The Snow EP
Black Box - Wax Tax! Records: The First 13 Years1994WindowpaneLove's Secret Domain
Chaos In Expansion1994Baby FoodUnnatural History III
Cash Cow: The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems 1965-19931993Neither His Nor YoursUnnatural History III
Electrocity Vol. 31993WindowpaneLove's Secret Domain
Order to the Galaxy1991The Snow (Driftmix)The Snow EP
Wax Trax! Sampler #21991Love's Secret Domain (demo)Stolen and Contaminated Songs
The Portable Altamont1991Meaning What Exactly?Unnatural History III
The Portable Altamont1991ScopeUnnatural History III
The Portable Altamont1991Wrong EyeUnnatural History III
Total Volume 11990The Anal Staircase (Relentless Mix)exclusive
Pathological Compilation1989Contains a DisclaimerUnnatural History II
Myths 4 - Sinople Twilight In Catal Hyk1989Another Brown WorldUnnatural History II
Core: A Conspiracy International Project1988FeederUnnatural History III
Less Than Angels1987NeverUnnatural History and The Angelic Conversation
Raw Like Sewage1987ComfortableUnnatural History
Product Korps1987Circles of Mania (photo-collage, not song)exclusive
Ohrensausen1986His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi EliteUnnatural History
Peyrere1986Dream PhotographyUnnatural History
A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse1985Neither His Nor YoursUnnatural History III
U.K. Buzz #0061985The WheelThe Wheel 7"
If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul1985The WheelThe Wheel 7"
The Fight Is On1985SicktoneUnnatural History
Devastate to Liberate1985Restless DayScatology - CD edition
Life at the Top1984Homage To SewageUnnatural History
Bethel1984Red WeatherUnnatural History II
The Elephant Table Album1983S is for SleepUnnatural History
The Beast 6661983Here To Here (Double Headed Secret)Unnatural History and Transparent CD/LP
Deleted Funtime - Various Tunes By Various Loons1980Thin Veil Of Blood [by Stabmental]exclusive
Standard Response1979Blue Funk (Scars for E) [by Murderwreckers]exclusive

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