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coil by numbers

Cat # Title Format Year
Solar Lodge
COIL 001The Consequences of Raising Hell10"1987
Threshold House
LOCI 1Gold is the Metal (with the Broadest Shoulders)LP1987
LOCI S1Themes for Derek Jarman's Blue7"1993
LOCI 2The Wheel/The Wheal/Keelhauler7"1987
LOCI CD 2Unnatural HistoryCD1990
LOCI 3Windowpane12"/CD EP1990
LOCI CD 4Stolen and Contaminated SongsCD1992
LOCI CD 5How to Destroy Angels (Remixes and Re-Recordings)CD1992
LOCI CD 6The Angelic ConversationCD1994
LOCI CD 7Windowpane/The SnowCD1995
LOCI CD 10Unnatural History IICD1995
LOCI CD 11Gold is the Metal (with the Broadest Shoulders)LP/CS/CD1996
LOCI CD 12Unnatural History IIICD1997
LOCI CD 13TransparentCD1997
LOCI 14Astral DisasterLP2000
LOCI CD 14Astral DisasterCD2000
LOCI CD 15ScatologyCD2001
LOCI CD 16Horse RotorvatorCD2001
LOCI CD 17Love's Secret DomainCD2001
LOCI 18Live OneCDx22003
LOCI 19Live TwoCD2003
LOCI 20Live ThreeCD2003
LOCI 21Live FourCD2003
THBKK1The Remote ViewerCDx22006
THBKK2Black AntlersCDx22006
THBKK3The Threshold HouseBoys Choir: Form Grows RampantCD+DVD2007
THBKK4The New BackwardsCD2008
THRESH1...And the Ambulance Died In His ArmsCD2005
THRESH2The Ape of NaplesCD2005
ESKATON 001Nasa Arab/First Dark Ride12"1994
ESKATON 002Born Again PagansCD EP1994
ESKATON 003pHILM #110"1994
ESKATON 004Born Again Pagans posterposter1994
ESKATON 005Chaosphere badgebadge1994
ESKATON 006Worship the GlitchCD1995
ESKATON 007Worship the Glitch10"x21995
ESKATON 008A Thousand Lights in a Darkened RoomCD1996
ESKATON 009A Thousand Lights in a Darkened RoomLPx21996
ESKATON 10Time MachinesCD1998
ESKATON 11Spring EquinoxCD EP1998
ESKATON 12Spring Equinox7"1998
ESKATON 13Summer Solstice7"1998
ESKATON 14Summer SolsticeCD EP1998
ESKATON 15Autumn Equinox7"1998
ESKATON 16Autumn EquinoxCD EP1998
ESKATON 17TransparentLP1997
ESKATON 18Winter Solstice7"1999
ESKATON 19Winter SolsticeCD EP1999
ESKATON 20Queens of the Circulating LibraryCD EP2000
ESKATON 21Thighpaulsandra: Some Head CD EPCD EP2000
ESKATON 22Backwards watchwatch2000
ESKATON 23Moon's Milk In Four PhasesCDx22001
ESKATON 24Constant Shallowness Leads to EvilCD2000
ESKATON 24Time Machines from the Heart of DarknessCD2000
ESKATON 26Thighpaulsandra: I, Thighpaulsandra2xCD/2xLP2001
ESKATON 27Thighpaulsandra: Michel Publicity WindowCD EP/7"2001
ESKATON 28Time MachinesLPx22002
ESKATON 29The Golden Hair with a Voice of SilverCD2002
ESKATON 30Black Sun Productions: Plastic Spider ThingCD2002
ESKATON 31Mount Vernon Astral Temple: Musick That Destroys ItselfCD2003
ESKATON 32xMount Vernon Astral Temple: untitledCD-R2003
ESKATON 33COH: Love Uncut CD EPCD EP2001
GRAAL LP 001Foxtrot10"x21998
GRAAL LP 002Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 1LP1999
GRAAL CD 003Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 1CD1999
GRAAL LP 004Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 2LPx22000
GRAAL CD 005Musick to Play In the Dark Vol. 2CD2000
unnumbered items
Moon's Milk In Four Phases (bonus disc)CD-R2002
The Remote ViewerCD-R2003
Black AntlersCD-R2004
Selvaggina: Go Back Into the WoodsCD-R2004
ANS (box)CDx3+DVD2004

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