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film music

Devil's DairymaidKym S. Farmen2009Aqua Regis
PuffballNicholas Roeg2007 Moon's Milk, Regel, Where Are You?, A Cold Cell, Are You Shivering?, 5-Me0-DMT, Glowworms/Waveforms, Amethyst Deceivers, Batwings, Refusal Of Leave To Land
Rasputin: The Devil in the FleshOlly Lambert2002Cardinal Points, several ELpH and Time Machines tracks, among others
NowhereGreg Araki1997The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams)
FriskTodd Verow1996Bee Has the Photos (exclusive), The Sleeper I & II, Dismal Orb, Static Electrician, Dark River, Windowpane, Corybantic Ennui, Nasa Arab, Original Chaostrophy, The Tenderness of Wolves, At the Heart of it All, The Halliwell Hammers (3), The Snow (As Pure As?, Driftmix, Answers Come in Dreams I & II), pHILM #1, Protection
Hustler WhiteRick Castro & Bruce La Bruce1996Tainted Love
Se7enDavid Fincher1995NIN: Closer (unreleased Coil mix)
The Doom GenerationGreg Araki1995First Dark Ride
Totally Fucked UpGreg Araki1993Windowpane, Who'll Tell, Exploding Frogs, The Last Rites of Spring
BlueDerek Jarman1993Blue (listed as Disco Hospital)
The Living EndGreg Araki1992Further Back And Faster, The Snow
The Gay Man's Guide to Safer SexTerrence Higgings Trust1992The S.W.B.P., versions of Protection, Omlagus Garfungiloops and an unreleased song
Sara Dale's Sensual MassageSara Dale1992soundtrack (unreleased)
The Angelic ConversationDerek Jarman1985The Angelic Conversation

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