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remixes and production work

Artist Remix title Release Year
FutonI Wanna Be Your Dog (Coil Mogadog Mix)The Dog EP2004
Mount Vernon Arts LabHobgoblinsThe Seance At Hobs Lane2001
Slag Boom Van LoonFallen Angels Entering PandemoniumSo Soon2001
People Like UsThe Gimp/SometimesHate People Like Us1999
Esplendor GeometricoVilla Esplendor (Troglodyte-Mix)En-Co-D-eSPLENDOR1998
TactileTactile vs. CoilOutside The Circles Of Time1996
Psychick Warriors of GaiaKraak (remixed by Coil)Rejammed - Kraak Remixes1996
Chris & CoseyCowboys in Bangkok 1995 (Coil vs. Elph mix)Twist1995
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral (The Bottom)Further Down The Spiral1995
Nine Inch NailsEraser (denial; realization)Further Down The Spiral1995
Nine Inch NailsEraser (polite)Further Down The Spiral1995
Nine Inch NailsErased, Over, OutFurther Down The Spiral1995
ScornDreamspace (Coil - Shadow vs. Executioner Mix)Ellipsis1995
ScornDreamspace (Coil - Unstable Sidereal Oneiroscopic Mix)Ellipsis1995
SchaftVisual CortexSwitchblade1994
Nine Inch NailsCloser (precursor)Closer To God1994
Depeche ModeRush (Black Sun Remix)Remixes 81-04 Rare Tracks Bundle1993
Nine Inch NailsGave Up (remixed by Coil and Danny Hyde)Fixed1992

collaborations, guest appearances & other projects

Artist Release Collaborator(s) Year
Strange AttractorMettlePeter Christopherson2009
Black Sun ProductionsThe Impossibility Of SilenceJhonn Balance2006
Aural RageSinsemilla DreamsDanny Hyde, John Balance2006
Aural RageA Nature Of NonsenseDanny Hyde, John Balance2005
Black Sun ProductionsToilet ChantsJhon Balance2004
Current 93SixSixSix: SickSickSickJohn Balance2004
Current 93A Little Menstrual Night MusicJohn Balance2003
COHSeasonsPeter Christopherson2002
Black Sun ProductionsPlastic Spider Thing - Coil RemixedCoil2002
COHLove UncutJohn Balance, Peter Christopherson, Steven Thrower2001
MekonRelax With MekonPeter Christopherson2000
ThighpaulsandraDouble VulgarJohn Balance, Ossian Brown2000
ThighpaulsandraMichel Publicity WindowJohn Balance2000
ThighpaulsandraI, ThighpaulsandraJohn Balance, Peter Christopherson2000
ThighpaulsandraSome HeadJohn Balance2000
COHVox TinnitusJohn Balance, Peter Christopherson2000
Ford ProcoVertigo De Lodo Y MielCoil2000
TactileBorderlandsJohn Balance1999
ThreadObsidian MonarchCoil1999
Rosa MundiSorrow/Various Artists: The Final SolsticeJohn Balance, Peter Christopherson1999
Current 93UntitledJohn Balance1999
Death In JuneKameradschaftJohn Balance1998
Trent ReznorLost Highway (soundtrack)Peter Christopherson1997
Bill LaswellThe City Of LightCoil1997
Current 93All The Pretty Little HorsesJohn Balance1996
Current 93Where The Long Shadows Fall (BeforeTheInmostLight)John Balance1995
Current 93Lucifer Over LondonJohn Balance1994
Current 93Hitler As KalkiJohn Balance1993
Current 93The Nodding FolkJohn Balance, Peter Christopherson, Simon Norris1993
Nurse With WoundThunder Perfect Mind John Balance1992
Current 93Thunder Perfect MindJohn Balance1992
LustmordA Document Of Early Acoustic & Tactical ExperimentationGeff Rushton (John Balance)1991
Nurse With WoundLive At Bar MaldororJohn Balance1991
Death In JuneThe Corn YearsJohn Balance1989
Current 93Crooked Crosses For The Nodding GodJohn Balance1989
Current 93Swastikas For NoddyJohn Balance1988
Current 93Earth Covers EarthJohn Balance1988
Death In JuneTo Drown A RoseJohn Balance1987
Death In JuneBrown BookJohn Balance1987
Current 93DawnJohn Balance1987
Current 93Ekki Er Allt Gull, Sem Gloir... Skamt Er Öfganna Á MilliJohn Balance1987
Current 93Live At Bar MaldororJohn Balance1986
Current 93In Menstrual NightJohn Balance1985
Psychic TVBerlin Atonal Vol. 2Peter Christopherson1984
Psychic TVBerlin Atonal Vol. 1Peter Christopherson, Geff Rushton (John Balance)1984
Current 93LAShTALJohn Balance1984
Psychic TVN.Y. ScumPeter Christopherson, Geff Rushton (John Balance)1984
Vagina Dentata OrganMusic For HashashinsPeter Christopherson, Geff Rushton (John Balance)1983
Psychic TVDreams Less SweetPeter Christopherson, Geff Rushton (John Balance)1983
Cultural AmnesiaSinclair's LuckGeff Rushton (John Balance)1983
Cultural AmnesiaThe Uncle Of The BootGeff Rushton (John Balance)1983
Psychic TVFirst TransmissionPeter Christopherson1982
Psychic TVJust DriftingPeter Christopherson1982
Psychic TVForce The Hand Of ChancePeter Christopherson1982
LustmørdLustmørdGeff Rushton (John Balance)1981
Cultural AmnesiaVideo RideoGeff Rushton (John Balance)1981
Stabmentalvarious: Deleted Funtime - Various Tunes By Various LoonsGeff Rushton (John Balance)1980
Murderwerkersvarious: Standard ResponseGeff Rushton (John Balance)1979

Peter Christopherson is also a member of Throbbing Gristle and Soisong, and works solo as The Threshold HouseBoys Choir.
An extensive TG discography can be found here. Soisong's site is available at and their discography here. A Wikipedia article on The Threshold HouseBoys Choir can be read here.

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