Cerne Box Set
1990 3x12" UK Cerne C00123
2000 Black vinyl copies in box
1990 12" UK Cerne K001
2000 Black vinyl copies in box set
Track Listing
Side A
  1. Diana [durtro016cd] [durtro032]
  2. The Death of the Corn [cmedd1160] [durtro032] [yangki3]
  3. Tree [durtro032]
Side B
  1. Horse [durtro032]
Douglas P.
Kawagachi Makoto
Ichihara Shinya
Uchida Ryuji
Takashima Satoru
Sleeve Notes
Horse Current 93 Terrify not man lest God terrify thee
I: Diana; The Death of the Corn
II: Horse

Current 93 at I: David Tibet ; Steven Stapleton ; Tony Wakeford; Douglas P.; Dik.
Current 93 at II: David Tibet ; Kawagachi Makoto - guitar; Ichihara Shinya - guitar; Uchida Ryuji - bass; Takashima Satoru - drums.

'Horse' was recorded live at Shizouka, japan in January 1989. My thanks are due to Ayame and Konora Suzuki, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Mixed and produced by Steven Stapleton . Engineered by Colin Potter at ICR Studios, Tollerton, York.

Insert layout by J. Mannox of Hex Design. Typseset by Sol Type.

My thanks and love to: Diana, Ruby, lilith, Nyida, Aki, Akiko, HÖH, Gunna Sigga, Odinn Örn, Ási, Rúna, Hamosh and Tanya, John and Sleazy, Ian and Ingrid, James and Julie, and all at Vinyl Experience: Alison, Angie, Cox, Geoff, Jamie, Maggie, Mark and especially Alan.

Also love and thanks to my Dharma friends and guides; The Venerable `Chimed Rig`dzin Lama Rinpoche and James Low. And to Harry Oldfield for his equally valued help and friendship in the same world but from another view.

'The Death Of The Corn' is dedicated to Aki Okauchi

May any merit accrueing from this work be dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings, all of whom have been my mother. May any faults arising be dissolved into Suntyata. May confusion be dispersed. May all sentient beings achieve liberation.

"For a long time the stars have been blurring and the lamplight dimming; don't say that I alone have to come and go..." `Chimed Sangyas / David Tibet, London February 1990.
Includes lyrics, not reproduced here
Lex Talionis
1990 12" UK Cerne K002
2000 Black vinyl copies in box set
Track Listing
Side A
  1. Lex Talionis
  2. Black Easter
  3. Kneel to the Cross
  4. The Ruins
  5. Tooth and Claw
Side B
  1. Blood Against Gold
  2. Fields [yangki3]
  3. Reynardine
  4. Abattoirs of Love
  5. Heroes Day
  6. Rex Talionis
Karl Blake
Harry Haldane
Sleeve Notes
Sol Invictus
"The World is full of Gods and beasts"

Sol Invictus is Tony Wakeford: Guitar, keyboards and vocals.
Aided by Karl Blake: Bass; Ian Reed: Vocals.

Thanks to Leithana for piano on Tooth and Claw and for insert artwork. Thanks also to Harry Haldane for vocals on Reynardine and to Dik for recording and help with mixing and drums.

To Douglas P. David Tibet. Steven Stapleton. Alan. John and Anita.

...unceasing in the long dry grasses the wind made its myriad lispings, rising and falling like the sighs of the lost generations come from the battlefields of Europe...
H. Williamson.

All words and music copyright (c) Wakeford, except Heroes Day (c) Wakeford/Read.
Lumbs Sister
1990 12" UK Cerne K003
2000 Black vinyl copies in box set
Track Listing
Side A
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
Side B
  1. Part 9
  2. Part 14
Sleeve Notes
Lumbs Sister
Nurse With Wund
Some of the music from the film by Chris Wallis

Lumbs little sister
was as much willow and twig
as he was oak root
she was as supple
as he was stiff
and could bring the dead back to life
as easily as she could plait her hair
she kept the pieces
of his wooden heart
in the same place
she kept the day and night
each evening she goes to bathe
in the dark green spring
the dust she washes off
becomes the spark
in the eye of the child
the surge in the veins of the lover
the speck of hope
in the eyes of the dying
she dissolves arrives
in the softness of time
and inscribes their history in the ashes of hate
she weaves
the rope that guides the blind
from nothing to something

music S. Stapleton
painting Om
dedicated to Tabatha Raspberry & Grizzle