1993 CD UK United Dairies UDCD041
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Black Mother Mountain (6:10) [sr9333] [stappleton01] [ud202cd]
  2. Immanence (3:28) [nwwckg] [ud021] [vod66] [ztj4]
  3. Riding Red Rag (8:53) [ud021]
  4. Unknown (13:43) [ud017]
  5. Dead Roads (A Gothic Western) (12:44) [ud021] [ud069]
  6. iDEATH (1:57) [ud021] [udt18]
  7. Scapegoat (1:47) [dpromdcd140] [stappleton01] [sx012] [ud021] [ud038cd]
  8. Source (2:27) [ud021] [vod66] [ztj4]
  9. Cradle Your Snatch (6:20) [ud017]
  10. The Little Seed (0:25) [ud017]
  11. Muse (3:03) [ud021]
  12. Reach for Your Gun (1:48) [ud017]
  13. Schizo (4:43) [ud017]
Diana Rogerson
Karl Blake
Trevor Reidy
Barry McCarus
Peat Bog
Sarah Dawson
Sleeve Notes
Music and arrangements Scrodd / Nurse with Wound
Produced by S. Stapleton
Cover: Scrodd
Karl Blake - Guitar (9)
Trevor Reidy - Drums (9)
Barry McCarus - Sax (9 & 13)
Peat Bog - Didgeridoo (1)
Sarah Dawson - Backing Voice (1)

Thanks to Ruby Wallis.
Edited and remixed from The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Record and Belle de Jour .
Black Mother Mountain is a remix of "Beetle Crawls Across My Back" from SR9333
Immanence is listed as "Muse" on UD021
Immanence is listed as "Chair Improvisation #4" on ZTJ4
iDEATH is listed as "Soup of the Day" on UD021
Source is listed as "Charlie Hosts a Pork-Pie Parasite" on ZTJ4
Muse is listed as "Immanence" on UD021