Jack Dangers Variations

"Variations Espectrales" is number five in the "Series Seven" releases from Bella Union and was created by Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto. The series already features releases from Gwei-Lo, Rothko, Mick Turner's Bonnevill, and Departure Lounge. For more information, check out bellaunion.com.
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V/VM Honor the Queen Mother

There's some upcoming V/Vm releases including a new full-length from The Caretaker, "Sometimes Good Things Happen" from V/Vm, and "The Queen Mother Is Dead" which will be available as soon as she keels over. It will be released in a limited number of how many years old she is when she dies. Pre-ordering information and a whole lot more available at the website.
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Danny Mckernan Publicity Window

Brainwashed's very own part-time staffer, Daniel McKernan has some artwork currently on display in New Orleans. Club 735 is located at 735 Bourbon St and his work is in both the upstairs and downstairs spaces. The opening reception has past but the artwork will be up through Mardi Gras.
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Mbm Remix Compilation Released

The Meat Beat Manifesto/Jack Dangers Remix Collection V.1 marks the first installment of Brooklyn Music's new Pro. File Series, releasing February 5th. Culled from 10 years of his production history, this group of Jack Dangers' remixes represent tracks most of which were never released commercially.
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Mumma On Tzadik

"Live Electronic Music" by Gordon Mumma is due for release Tuesday on John Zorn's Tzadik label.
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Greg Clow And Sheryl Kirby Announce a New Venture

After almost six years of bringing electronic and experimental music to appreciative audiences in the form of live performances (via Stained Productions) and radio (via feedback monitor), Greg Clow and Sheryl Kirby are proud to announce PIEHEAD RECORDS.
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annie artwork online

24 new paintings have been uploaded to the artwork portion of the Little Annie site All the new paintings are watercolors from 2001.
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Tortoise on ATP 1.0

For those big Tortoise fans who always wanted "Cliff Dweller Society" on stunning high-fidelity digital compact disc, the song is available now in its complete 15:42 form on the super-limited and quickly selling-out 'All Tomorrow's Parties' compilation CD from this year's fest. Other exclusive songs appear on the disc from Broadcast, Autechre, The Sea and Cake, Prefuse 73, Yo La Tengo, Boards of Canada and more.
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Horse Rotorvating

The second part of the "Pay Us What You Owe, Stevo" series from Coil is the remastered reissue of Horse Rotorvator. It's out already through World Serpent without much warning. Guess what that means??? "Love's Secret Domain" is next!
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!!! joins brainwashed

We're thrilled to announce there is a new member of the Brainwashed roster: !!!. While the site is still in a semi-development phase the band's current tour dates are posted, so we encourage you to listen in and check the band out in concert in your town. Check the news section also for a link to recent features on NPR and a show at Brownie's.
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fridge reaches happiness

We're proud to announce that the next full-length Fridge record will be released in the USA through a joint venture between Temporary Residence and Brainwashed. The disc, "Happiness" will also be released in the UK under Fridge's new self-run label, Text. You can also see a four-minute streaming media performance/interview with Fridge from BBC Radio 3's "Mixing It" by clicking here.
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Another Pink Departure

Frank Verschuuren, a.k.a. Frankenstein a.k.a. Frankie Pett has gone to Hollywood. The producer and touring sound engineer has left the Legendary Pink Dots after being in the band for almost six years. Says Verschuuren, "I feel it's time for me to move on the newer things." Raymond Steeg will be taking his place, re-joining the band. Frank continues, "I wish him and the band all the luck and success."
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After nearly 10 years of intensive recording & touring activity, I have left the Pink Dots. The reason is that I really feel the need at this time to move on to new experiences & challenges in life and music. I'm pleased with the significant body of recorded and live work we accomplished over the past 10 years & I can think back on some great moments which were had in the studio, onstage, travelling on some distant highway / sonic tangent etc - none of which would've been possible without the support of YOU, the fans of the Pink Dots. All in all, it has been a life enriching experience.

My departure shouldn't have an effect, other than the lineup change, on upcoming LPD european tour plans & you can bet, in one form or another, the Pink Dots will continue to keep making their unique music for some time to come.

For anyone who is interested, you can check on my upcoming projects as they arise, most likely at: www.twilightcircus.com

kind regards

ryan moore

So, thank you!
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Ruby Falls have decided to throw in the towel after four years, two full length albums and a scattering of singles and compilation appearances. The four members of the band will continue to make music through various outlets and the albums should remain in print.
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Brainwashed was mentioned in a small article in the College Music Journal's August 2000 issue, sandwiched between articles on loads of craptacular major label bands who get marketed to mediocre college radio across the country and top the Billboard Hot 100 while posing as "alternative."
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