Nominate Me for the Williamsburg iPod Awards!

Last year, I was awfully hard on the PLUG Independent Music Awards.  I called them "shallow and obnoxious" for sloganeering and pandering to hipsters and "wannabe snobs."  I was overly critical of their final ballot options, which I referred to as "repetitious and cannibalizing."  Now, however, I'd like to express regret over my uncalled-for remarks in the best way I know how: by encouraging all of you to nominate me for this totally awesome prize!
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The Fantastic Fear

They really think that you're stupid.  Honestly, they must, because why else would the Associated Press and other mainstream media entities disseminate articles with headlines like "Bush reminds Americans U.S. is at war"?  The only Americans who don't know we're at war with someone or something are under the age of 3.  So why is this unnecessary "reminder" being echoed by the outlets that many Americans get their news from?  Quite simply, the Bush administration and the Congressional Republicans that love it know that the only way to keep GOP control of the legislative branch is to pump fear in the citizenry to dissuade and deride those who question or dissent.
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Greetings the Brainwashed Staff & Crew,

We would be in a delight to join our forces with your prepared Brainwaves
spectacular, and are prepared to remain flexible and attentive to your
acceptance, should you  feel positive to include us on the schedule.

The festival is full and we're not interested in any more performers. 

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godspeed you! black emperor tour dates

I was wondering if you can confirm or deny that godspeed you! black emperor
will be on tour in North American in July/August.  Their web site shows tour
dates in my area (Seattle/Portland/Vancouver), but the venues listed do not
have the band on their concert shedules.  Thanks in advance for your help.

You stupid numbskull, it says Silver Mt. Zion tour dates.  Don't go, just don't go, sit at home and listen to your fucking Thom Yorke solo CD and Coldplay CDs. 

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older eye episodes

why can't i vew the older episodes of the eye? why i try to whatch them it just
takes me back to the home page. I can watch most of the ones on the first page,
so i know that my quicktime is working fine. any ideas? i'd really like to
watch the hrvatski and the wolf eye episodes.

Oops, sorry, time to fix that... 

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out hud lyrics

i need the lyrics to this is for you.  i can't find them anywhere.  can you
help me?

They're printed in the CD and LP.  BUY THEM. 

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you just played Hox- Knot.....i can not find them on the interweb...can you
help me locate a cd or cd's please?  and thank you has the most Hox info we have. 

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Brainwaves Festival

Hello! On Saturday April 22nd 2006 I purchased one weekend ticket to the
Brainwaves Fest as well as one sticker and one T shirt. This was payed for
through Paypal and my Paypal account does not have my name attached to it, only
my wifes name. Am I going to have problems getting my tickets and other items
because of this? Thank you very much, look forward to hearing from you

It's cool. 

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A heaping platter of hot fresh kudos

Yes, whatever kudos are exactly, you folks certainly deserve a heaping helping
of them.  I'm so glad I discovered the brainwashed site.  The information and
artists there are excellent, with many fascinating links to the great ether
beyond.  The radio station is very fine, though I wish it had at least a notch
higher bitrate than the 64 kb mp3 stream I've been listening to (please let me
know if there is a higher quality stream).  And the podcase is truly a treat,
one of the very best music podcasts I've yet encountered.

So, just wanted to thank you and wish your orgaization and all the gremlins who
dwell within a long and prosperous future.


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apes of naples

i'm from naples and long time fan , since start of the 80's
so you can immagine my curiosity to know , why ape of naples?

No idea. 

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brainwaves fest

hey, i just read about this brainwaves fest and was wondering if you are still
looking for acts to play.

brainwashed rules!

Sorry, but all the bands have been invited, there will be more announcements we imagine soon. 

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new brainwashed tshirts

hi.  what type of shirt is this printed on?  american apparel?

thanks in advance,

Fruit of the Loom. 

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hey guys. first of all, congrats on some very killer bands.  second of all, was
wondering of you were interested in any new projects now or if i should save my
time, demos and postage money for the meantime.  we are a very
young band - meaning i have been the single contributor for some time now and
just recently compiled a demo of ten songs.  the mixing is sub par and the
drums are crap since they're mainly taken from reason and battery.  *software
drums and bass don't generally mesh well with mic'd guitars.  however, i
recently found three others to complete the band and am currently building a
personal studio just south of nashville, tn.  let me know if it would be worth
my while to pack and mail a demo for your critique comments.  much respect.

Sorry, not interested. 

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ta for your site &...

may i have releases to air & promote on radio here in australia please?...

Get on the Brainwashed email list and ask next time we release something and have stuff to give out.

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this brainwashed radio is one of the best things that happend to me these days.

thank you guys!

p.s.: i wouldnt even mind if there were a few ads, because this is that good.

all the best

No ads necessary. 

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It Just Is...

Do you know of anywhere to get a copy of IT JUST Memorium .. Jhonn
Balance?  I have looked one has it...Thighpaulsandra's site is
sold out....would love to hear the whole thing....Christ's Teeth fuckin' kicks

and thanks so much for the free Matmos disc...awesome!!

Keep looking. 

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A question

Well, if I send you some albums of my label. are you gonna review them? It`s
any condition about what you review?


No guarantees. Ever. 

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Brainwashed Podcast edition

Hello Jon,

this is the first time that I've listened to your podcast (I distrust every new
technology). I'm impressed even by your voice!

I'm a regular visitor of your website - so I just want to congratulate you to
your fine engagement for this music - it's a good feeling that there are people
out there that seem to have a similar world-view. I'll stay tuned - promised!

What Do I have to do to win some music?

Ha ha ha, you win music every time you listen.

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The EYE DVD featuring Mum

Hi there,

could you please let me know which volume of "The Eye" DVD feature the Mum
performance in Boston, July 2004?


It's not on a DVD. 

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peter christopherson

Hello Friend at Brainwashed,
I heard that Peter Christopherson is completing something from a new project
(perhaps with Thighpaulsandra).   Do you perhaps know anything about this???  I
consider the Mutek as Coil's best live performance, and that show was actually
absent Jhonn Balance (although I miss him greatly along with everyone else).
However, I feel that Peter and Thighpaul has something together that could be
succeed Coil.   Please let me know if you know anything about this new project.


Once there's official news, it'll be posted. 

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