Well, you asked for it...

in answer to your Newslash's questions -

what do I think: that Brainwashed is a delight to visit - hosting many of my
favourite artists' sites and archives - providing a connection between some
artists that, previously, hadn't been apparent to me (apart from them sitting
alongside each other on my shelf). To be honest, I haven't used Brainwashed
Radio as I have so much to listen to from my regular purchases anyway. But most
everything else on your site comes through my modem - I use it mainly for the
news and 'artists and archives', but also love The Eye.

what do I want: if possible, an expansion of The Eye - I feel that 'music
television' has so much potential, but is uninspiring 99% of the time - The Eye
demonstrates the insightful results that can be achieved on a low budget; it
doesn't need higher production values. BUT, I just want more (!): more
interviews, concert footage, films made by the artists themselves (hey, why not
loan them a camera for a week), invited collaborative sessions, guided tours of
recording studios...

Excellent suggestions.  We've been wanting to do these things too.  Look for something along these lines soon. 

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Trouble Downloading


I have been trying to download the Little Annie Anxiety compilation and Barbed
Wire Halo tracks that you have, with NO success.  Each time I try, I get a
message saying "page cannot be displayed".  Am I doing something wrong?  Can
you please explain to me how to do this?  Thanks!

Keep trying.  It's working just fine.


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brainwashed 06

h e l l o,

am i correct to assume that the 7" brainwashed 06 jessica bailiff release is
sold out? i don't see it listed for sale....

any word on bowery electric playing at the festival in november?

Yes, JB is sold out.  As for Bowery Electric, we can only hope. 

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What is required for sponsorship of the 10th anniversary show?


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Donation/Band Booking


I am interested in both sponsorship donation and booking of my band. Whom can I
ask questions to about both?

We'll take money but we're not booking bands for the Brainwaves fest. Sorry, we're not interested. 

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For Jon Whitney re Fern Jones

Hi, Jon:  I'm Fern's daughter and I was google-ing around to see where her
music is playing when I came across Brainwashed.  Good web site!  Thanks for
the review of Fern's numero release.  Thought you might be interested to know
we're working on television scripts right now.  Perhaps a "limited series"
about my parents' lives will be in the works soon.  Updates will be on my
website at www.thegloryroad.com.  Thanks again for your kind words about

            Anita Garner

Thanks for writing and please keep us posted! 

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Godspeed Track- where can I find it?

Music Gods-

I recently attended a dance recital that included the Godspeed You Black
Emperor track 'Hung Over as the Queen of Maida Vale'. The track was amazing-
even better than the hot female dancers gyrating to the insane beat and
esoteric wisdom spewing from Godspeed.

Question- since this was an unreleased track- how can I find it? I need it bad.
Please help.

You don't need it bad. 

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podcasts trouble, i love you long time?

hey guys, love the show and all that rimming shit. anyway i only get access to
a computer a few times a week/month and  wanna download all your podcasts onto
my ipod but whne i pasted the podcast link into itunes there's only 2 things to
download. to be honest i wanted to get them all downloaded or at least a
few..am i doing somthing wrong or what? thne i thought i could right click the
links on http://www.podcast.net/show/396 but no option to save or anything..am
i being a retard or what? anyway some help would be nice, i could even scrape
some change up for a donation maybe eh? eh? p.s. loving nurse with wound
cheers guys i'll be listening.

There's over 60 hours of Podcasts.  Sorry, but they're not available after they expire. 

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The Snow Video

OK, I am writing with a litlle desperation...I am a Dallas DJ & hosting a HUGE
event in Dallas on Friday, May 12. It's called PANOPTIKON. I mix music video in
with my seven hour set. For many years, I have been in search on "The Snow"
VIDEO by Coil. I would love more than anything else to be able to play this on
May 12th. Do you have any ideas where I could obtain a copy for play.

Thank you

Until the DVD set comes out, no. 

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The Eye: Ida

Is there any way I could get the actual mpg file of the Ida Interview/live
tracks recorded for The Eye? (maybe even the whole tape unedited - I'd pay
whatever you felt fair for the work it would take). I want to make it into a
DVD so I can watch it on my television at my leisure. I'm a huge fan of Ida and
since they don't tour so much it would just be something really nice to have.
If it's a problem don't worry about it. Doesn't hurt to ask!

I also want to thank you for bringing the masses so much information on great
underground and independent bands. I love all of the videos on the eye and I'm
sure you put a lot of effort into all of this...so just know it is appreciated!

Thanks for the interest but there are no plans to release Ida's Eye segment on DVD at this time.

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Brain not in the wire

I purchased disc A and B (a CD-R) in your commerce section and was wondering if
in the near future it would be possible to purchase disc x.

Sorry but it's gone.

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About The Eye DVD-R

 I always enjoy with your great programs.
Now I want ask you a question.
Can I buy the DVD-R which includes The Eye by Meat Beat Manifesto(17 July
2005). Does it exist? Or do you have a plan for sale those The Eye programs in
DVD-R format?
 I downloaded this MBM program and very excited to watch again and again. So I
want to watch this program in better quality.
Thank you.

There are no plans yet to release this Eye segment as a DVD.
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my band

Hi: I am writing to talk about something that doesn't happen often in the music business. Our band has hit the Top 50 Indie chart ( Roots Music Report ) on three occasions in the last month or so. We have no label and no money from anyone promoting us. RunningTimes Music commented: "It's almost unheard of but we hope this is an indicator of how indies are being taken more seriously." I will post below the info re: our recent promo. I'm a Vietnam Vet with 100% service-connected PTSD and my writing partner is a well know musician named Zander Schloss, bass player for "The Circle Jerks," one of L.A.'s founding punk bands still touring. Thank you for your possible interest.

Get me a date with Debbie Gibson and we'll talk.

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Genre in reviews

Hi, congrats for your work.

Only a tip: why don't you show the genre of
the music in the titles of the reviews?

I'll save a lot of time of listening to samples of indie
bands and other genres I'm not interested in.

many thanks for reading

Genres are for stores who are trying to sell you something.  Our goal is to present opinions on music.  Plus, genres are meaningless after a while, they separate people and ideals and dumb music down for the lowest common denominator.  We think the music we cover deserves better respect.  Thanks for the tip, however.
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Richard H. Kirk

I have a quick question for you.
I am currently listening to RHK's "Entering Creation(Help Me, I'm Melting)" on Brainwashed Radio......
But I have NOT heard of this title before?
 It is GREAT, BUT I do NOT recognize 90% of it,(a little bit sounded familiar) and I own EVERY CV/RHK related release EVER put out(along with some UNreleased albums too)!
Could you please tell me WHAT this RHK piece of music IS, or where it is taken FROM?
Is it something that is forethcoming?
Please let me know, as I am now obsessing on this RHK piece of music.
- LOL-
Thanks, I hope to hear back from you ASAP.

It's from 'Earlier/Later' - Mute, 2004
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Cheers for Trans Am

Although we don't host the official site for Trans Am any longer, we find it's worth mentioning they've refused an offer to feature one of their songs in a Hummer campaign.  Read all about the growing number of artists refusing to cave in to the ultimate evil in the AP story, A Bummer For Hummer: Artists Refuse To Fuel Ads With Songs.
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Major labels get a probe

A Reuters report issued today, Department Of Justice opens probe into online music pricing, details a new probe into the price-fixing of online music sales by the greedy major labels.  Something to consider before jumping into "the arms of a loving major label" as one online rag described a recent band's stupid stupid  jump to Interscope, signing their own death warrant.  We'll see you at the bottom of the rubble pile with The Rapture and Clinic, fellas!
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benefit cd

i preordered a 3disc set i believe it was last year, a benefit cd i dont recall
what the name of it was. it was supposed to be released in mid jan, but i
havent received it yet.

Brainwashed hasn't released a 3 CD benefit CD or any benefit CD.  Sorry.
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live cd

hi, i was wondering about the meat beat manifesto live cd... i didn't realize
they had it when i saw them here in denver and i was wondering if there will be
any available now or when the tour is done after tuesday?  it was an awesome
show and i'd do anything to get that live cd...

I think if they have some left over they might sell them on the website.  No guarantees though.

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Jonathan Dean

I can't seem to get Jonathan Dean's e-mail address. He needs to have it
up if he's going to make such militant statements. Please contact me if
I can get in touch with him.

We're not contacting you, so guess what that means.
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