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BACKGROUND about Andrew and Christoph and their various labels.


This cluster of websites offers an overview of the artistic activities of Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann.

Christoph Heemann, with co-founder Achim P. Li Khan, was active in the celebrated group Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa in the 80's. In the mid-90's, Christoph concentrated on his solo career while collaborating with artists such as Jim O'Rourke and Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) in the Mimir project. He also worked with Masami Akita (Merzbow) and with the Japanese duo Jack or Jive. Christoph contributed to several Current 93 albums.

Andrew Chalk was similarly very active in the second half of the 80's, working in collaboration with David Jackman (Organum) and the Rupenus Brothers The New Blockaders), among several others. In 1993, Andrew joined forces with Darren Tate to form the collective Ora.

Between 1999 and 2005, Andrew and Christoph worked together in the prolific collaboration known as Mirror. Since then, they resumed their respective solo careers.


Faraway Press was founded by Andrew Chalk and started its operations in 2005. Releases are:

Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature 12"/CD FP17 2009/10
Marsfield The Towering Sky CD FP16 2010
Andrew Chalk The Cable House CD FP15 2010
Vikki Jackman Whispering Pages CD FP14 2008
Andrew Chalk Time of Hayfield CD FP13 2007
Ghosts on Water Ghosts on Water CD-EP FP12 2007/09
Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki The Days After CD FP11 2007
Vikki Jackman Of Beauty Reminiscing LP/CD FP09 2006/07/09
Andrew Chalk East of the Sun CD FP08 2006
Andrew Chalk The River that Flows into the Sands II Cassette/CD FP07 2006/07
Andrew Chalk Goldfall LP/CD FP06 2006/07
Andrew Chalk Blue Eyes of the March CD-R/CD FP05 2006/07
Andrew Chalk with Naoko Suzuki and Daisuke Suzuki Senshu CD-R+Book/CD FP04 2005/07
Andrew Chalk Vega CD-R/CD FP03 2005/06/09
Andrew Chalk The River that Flows into the Sands CD-R/CD FP02 2005
Andrew Chalk Shadows from the Album Skies CD-R/CD FP01 2005/09


The Three Poplars label was operated by Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann between 2000 and 2004. Releases are:

Mirror Shadow CD-R 3P-22 2004
Andrew Chalk Shadows from the Album Skies CD-R 3P-21 2004
Mirror Figures In A Landscape 2LP 3P-20 2004
Andrew Chalk and Brendan Walls This Growing Clearing CD 3P-19 2004
Mirror Places of Light LP 3P-18 2004
Mirror Under the Sun LP 3P-17 2004
Mirror Live in Bern CD-R 3P-16 2003
Jim O'Rourke Two Organs LP 3P-15 2004
Andrew Chalk Fall in the Wake of a Flawless Landscape LP 3P-13 2004
Mirror A Pilgrim's Solace CD-R 3P-12 2003
Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki The Days After CD-R 3P-11 2003
William Basinski A Red Score in Tile LP 3P-10 2003
Christoph Heemann Time is the Simplest Thing CD-R 3P-9 2003
Jim O'Rourke Scend LP 3P-8 2003
Mirror In To The Wood CD-R 3P-007 2002
Mirror Nights LP 3P-006 2002
Ora Isle LP 3P-005 2002
Mirror Nights CD-R 3P4 2001
Mirror Visiting Star LP 3P-003 2000
Mirror Pedestrian/Nocturne 7" TP02 2000
Mirror The View CD-R 3P1 2000


The Streamline label was founded by Christoph Heemann in 1993. Detailed presentations of early releases can be found in the Interviews section.

Lee Ranaldo, Jim O'Rourke and Christoph Heemann Bloomington, Indiana ... Autumn LP 1027 2010
Charlemagne Palestine and Christoph Heemann saiten in flammen LP 1026 2009
Red Favorite Red Favorite LP 1025 2008
Andrés Krause Move Ground LP 1024 2010
Jim O'Rourke Long Night 2CD 1023 2008
Xhol Caravan Motherfuckers Live + Hot Buttered Xhol 2LP+12" 1022 2002
Little Annie Diamonds Made of Glass CDEP/12" 1021 2001
Nurse With Wound Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP 1020 2001
Ora Aureum 2LP 1019 2000
Pantaleimon Trees Hold Time LP 1018 2000
Mirror Eye of the Storm LP/CD 1017 1999/2003
Limpe Fuchs Nur Mar Mus CD 1016 1999
Andrew Chalk Over the Edges LP/CD 1015 1999/2003
Mimir Mimir CD 1014 2007
H.N.A.S. Im Schatten der Möhre CD 1013 2002
Mimir (third) LP/CD 1012 2000/2002
Ragnar Grippe Sand CD 1011 1996
Intersystems Peachy CD 1010 1995
Edward Ka-Spel Khataklimici China Doll CD 1009 1995
RLW When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice I Shall Breathe Again CD 1008 1995
Intersystems Free Psychedelic Poster Inside CD 1007 1994
Morphogenesis Solarisation CD 1006 1994
John Duncan Incoming CD 1005 1995
Limpe Fuchs Muusiccia (Metal/Stones) CD 1004 1993
Merzbow and Christoph Heemann Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss CD 1003 1993/1997
Keiji Haino Beginning and End Interwoven CD 1002 1994
Mimir Mimyriad CD/LP/CD 1001 1993/1999/2007


My gratitude goes to the many people that contributed time, skills and information over the years: David Applegate, Dominic Audy, Praveer Baijal, Piero Cavina, Andrew Chalk, Alan Clark, Troy Curry, Jeffrey Dekatria, Maurits Escher, Achim Flaam, Brian Garant, Emiliano Gatto, Lance Green, Isabelle Hébert, Christoph Heemann, René Heid, Daniel Jones, Doug Jones, Till Kniola, Eric Lanzillotta, Pierre Martel, Tony Martinez, Christopher Mcbeth, Robert Olver, Satya Palani, Elaine Pena, Daniel Plunkett, Ronan Pronost, Jeffrey Reid, Peggy Reuter, William Rieder, Chuck Roast, Takuya Sakaguchi, Jochen Schwarz, Kevin Spencer, Daisuke Suzuki, Tomasz Szumski and Jon Whitney.

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