Yagga Blues
1995 CD UK United Dairies UD099CD
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Yagga Blues (6:16) [cmedd1161] [NORVI] [ud049] [ud098] [uj2006]
  2. Yagga Blues (Instrumental) (6:03) [ud098]
  3. Funeral Music for Perez Prado (9:18) [bfe075] [ud098]
Peat Bog
Sarah Fuller
Sleeve Notes
Steven Stapleton
Colin Potter
Peat Bog
Sarah Fuller

Music and Mix
1.2. Stapleton / Potter
3. Stapleton
Cover. Santini
Studio. I.C.R. Tollerton. York
Harmony Row. Ennis
Engineer. Matt Purcell
YAGGA BLUES is taken from the forthcoming N.W.W. album "WHO CAN I TURN TO STEREO"
FUNERAL FOR PEREZ PRADO centres around a shakuhachi phrase played by David Jackman back in '87