Who Can I Turn To Stereo etc
2011 June CD CA United Jnana UNITED JNANA 2006
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Track Listing
Disc I: Who Can I Turn To Stereo
  1. Tune Time Machine (2:05) [NORVI] [ud049]
  2. Landed At Granma's (1:11) [NORVI] [ud049]
  3. Woollen Numbness Of Anaesthesia (6:53) [NORVI] [ud049]
  4. Yagga Blues (5:51) [cmedd1161] [NORVI] [ud049] [ud098] [ud099]
  5. Livin' Fear Of James Last (6:56) [NORVI] [ud049]
  6. Space Funk With Springs (6:22) [NORVI] [ud049]
  7. Easy Snapping (2:13) [NORVI] [ud049]
  8. Home Is Where The Heart Is (5:14) [cmedd1161] [NORVI] [ud049]
  9. Monument To Perez Prado (0:53) [NORVI] [ud049]
  10. Approaching Darkness Fish (3:38) [NORVI] [ud049]
  11. Darkness Fish (1:28) [NORVI] [ud049]
  12. The Standard Table Of Daddy (7:20) [NORVI] [ud049]
Disc II: Stereo Wastelands Etc (A collection of musical debris from the original album sessions)
  1. Fragments I (18:18) [mt065]
  2. Fragments II (22:01) [mt065]
  3. Fragments III (9:45) [mt065] [NORVI]
  4. Eternity (9:16) [NORVI]
  5. Yagga Blues (Single Edit) (6:16) [cmedd1161] [NORVI] [ud049] [ud098] [ud099]
Davide Meroni
Peat Bog
Sarah Fuller
Sleeve Notes
Steven Stapleton
Colin Potter

with guests:
Davide Meroni
Peat Bog
Edward Ka-spel
David Tibet
Sarah Fuller
John Balance
Sleazy Christopherson
Petr Vastl

Recorded and mixed at ICR
Engineered by Colin Potter
Mastered by Denis Blackham
Layout by Paul Jackson
Cover by Babs

Thanks to:
Andrew Liles
Matt Waldron
Sarah Redpath
Mark Logan
Chris Boyne

Dedicated to Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson
1955-2010 RIP