Homotopy To Large Ladies With Stoned Sardine In The Oven Who're Drinking With The Automating Metal Man Of The Mountains Which Does Not Function
1998 CD-R DE ??? St. Appleton 01
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Yoko's Anniversary [lay15] [nwwma] [vod66] [xxx17]
  2. A Snake In Your Abdomen [mi-mort3] [nwwma] [vod66]
  3. Something Really Pretentious [bandit16] [nwwma] [ud093]
  4. Well, What D'Ya Know Henry? [mi-mort4] [vod66]
  5. Excerpt from "Pricksongs" [lay15] [nwwckg] [nwwma] [tmt13] [vod120]
  6. Someone Other's Garden [nwwckg] [nwwma] [tmt05] [vod120] [vod66]
  7. Caught from Behind [mhr006]
  8. The Dance of Fools [nwwckg] [nwwma] [tmlp09]
  9. Scapegoat [dpromdcd140] [sx012] [ud021] [ud038cd] [ud041]
  10. Beetle Crawls Across My Back [sr9333] [ud041] [ud202cd]
  11. Antacid Cocamotive '93 [nwwckg] [nwwma] [ud202cd] [xx002]
  12. Ooh Baby (Coo Coo) [mi-mort3] [nwwma] [vod66]