The Swinging Reflective: Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy
1999 2xCD UK United Dairies UD069CD
In gatefold card sleeve
Track Listing
Disc A
  1. Dead Roads/Cradle Your Snatch/The Little Seed (1987) - Diana Rogerson (9:41) [ud021] [ud041]
  2. The Frightened City (1991) - Tony Wakeford (8:48) [tursa004]
  3. The Window on the World (1991) - Legendary Pink Dots (11:32)
  4. Brained By Falling Masonry * (1983) - Foetus (12:26) [dpromdcd140] [lay30] [lay7] [ud036] [ud038cd]
  5. Panzer Ruin (1990) - Current 93 (6:15) [durtro004] [durtro100]
  6. Animal or Vegetable (1993) - Stereolab (13:27) [cf20] [hpcd9508]
  7. Duelling Banjos (1986) - William Bennett (11:59) [ud00] [ud019] [ud06]
Disc B
  1. Bone Frequency (1998) - Inflatable Sideshow (10:06) [graal001]
  2. Simple Headphone Mind (1995) - Stereolab (10:46) [cdstumm220] [ds4511]
  3. The Dead Side of the Moon (1996) - David Tibet (9:36) [durtro044] [udor1]
  4. Generally Regarded as Safe (1999) - Aranos (5:27) [ud053] [uj810]
  5. How to Destroy Angels (1992) - Coil (8:39)
  6. Angle (1995) - Chris Wallis / Peat Bog (5:20) [potcd01] [ud202cd]
  7. Just What Do You Mean By "Antichrist"? - Tiny Tim / Current 93 (7:22) [c93unveiled] [durtro026]
Sleeve Notes
Nurse With Wound Collaborations 1980 - 1999

Digital transfer: Denis Blackham at Country Masters
Cover: Santini
* based on a song by Joel Vandroogenbroeck and Dawn Muir
The Dead Side of the Moon is an excerpt from the Musicalische Kürbs Hütte release
Another collection this week from a brainwashed artist, this mid-priced NWW release collects various collaborative efforts from 1980 - 1999. Subtitled, "Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy," this collection features collaborations with Diana Rogerson (Crystal Belle Schrodd), Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus), Legendary Pink Dots, Foetus, Current 93, William Bennet, the Inflatable Sideshow, Aranos, Chris Wallis/Peat Bog and Tiny Tim. It's a 2 CD set of material, most of which can be found on previous NWW releases. High points include the Rogerson tracks which were originally omitted from the CD release of Crystal Belle Schrodd as well as the Tiny Tim track which was only available previously on an entire CD of Tiny Tim and his ukelele ditties. Unfortunately most of this has had to be edited. Stereolab's "Simple Headphone Mind" was a 30-minute two part single in its original form, here it's reduced to a measly 10 minute excerpt. Coil's "How to Destroy Angels II" and "The Dead Side of the Moon" with David Tibet have also been reduced to about 10 minutes. Thankfully it comes at a reduced price and provides for a great introduction to NWW for the beginner along with some of the best highlights from the last 20 years.

Jon Whitney
Press Release
Since his formation of Nurse With Wound in 1978, Steven Stapleton has worked with many of the most innovative and interesting of the underground and experimental artists around. The Swinging Reflective is a 2CD set consisting of Steven's favourite pieces of these collaborative works. Consisting of over 120 minutes of music, and unreleased material from Aranos and The Inflatable Side-show, and with newly designed full colour artwork by Babs Santini. This is available on CD only.