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NEWS - 1997


MEAT BEAT LIVE THIS WEEKEND!!! IMPORTANT NOTE: THE VENUE HAS MOVED TO Maritime Hall at 520 Harrison Street from Kezar Pavilion.

Meat Beat Manifesto will be performing Day 1 of San Francisco radio station Live 105's two night X-mas Ball extravaganza on Saturday, December 6th at Maritime Hall at 520 Harrison Street in San Francisco. With the night dubbed "Electronica Hanukkah" by Live 105, Meat Beat Manifesto will be co-headlining with Crystal Method on a massive bill which also features DJ Keoki. Three other artists are still to be announced.

The expected time of MBM's set should start shortly after midnight.

Meat Beat will be performing some of the MBM classics: "Edge of No Control," "Helter Skelter '97," along with premiering a new track "Acid Again," from their upcoming album, Actual Sounds and Voices sue out Spring '98 on Nothing/Interscope Records.

If you're going, show your undying support by wearing your fave MBM shirt, and don't forget to call the station and let them know how much you thank them for inviting MBM on the bill. Hopefully, they'll play them more and invite them to play more shows...


Helter Skelter News! Helter Skelter '97 recently got aired by a strange fan by the name of Howard Stern on his syndicated morning show. Dunno how many MBM fans listen to the show, but the exposure was a pretty wide one.

The track will appear on an upcoming compilation due out on November 11th in Canada and the USA by TVT Records called Big Rockin' Beats whose other tracks include ones by Fatboy Slim, Rhy thm Ace, Cirrus, and Juno Reactor.

The video, produced by H-Gun Productions and directed by Ben Stokes was one of the selected clips to be exhibited in a touring digital film festival, called Resfest. The musical segment also included MBM contemporaries Coldcut, Dr. Octagon, Howie B., Josh Wink, and The Orb. The show has toured Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago with dates still to come in New York City; October 24th and 25th at the Directors Guild of America at 111 E. 59th St. (212-330-9093) and Orlando, Florida: December 5th and 6th at the Enzian Theatre at 1300 South Orlando Ave. (407-839-3200).

Resfest does Enit Festival in San Francisco! - Resfest to show these music video's as Cinema Electronica on November 22nd at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where Jane's Addiction and Goldie will be performing plus and appearance by Ken Kesey and separate room dedicated to the DJ antics of the Funky Techno Tribe.

NYC Spottings Yes, Jack Dangers was spotted at this years's CMJ convention, appearing on the Electronic Music of the 90s panel. Other artists on the panel included Scott Hardkiss, Soul Slinger, and former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur. Jack and Wolfgang, who met for the first time, had an impromptu photo shoot together with NYC as a backdrop by Interview Mag photographer, Summer Forest.


Jack Dangers friend and frequent remixer, Luke Vibert has finally had his Drum n' Bass for Papa album released on Nothing. This is a two-disc set, and features different tracks than all previous releases.
Check out the Phat Luke Nightmare site, it's really spiffy.


Original Fire at a station near you The following is a list of stations and dj's who have tracks from the new ep in rotation, give them a call and keep it going...

Sta., City, DJ, Show
WRAX, Birmingham, AL, Beethoven, Underground Express
WEJE, Ft. Wayne, IN, Weasel, The Party Pit
CIMX, Bingham Farm, MI, Greg Gnyp, Club X / Catch of the Day
KTOZ, Springfield, MO, Steve O, Enjoy the Noise
Tempe, AZ, Aaron Schofield, Modern Mix
WRQK, Akron, OH, Nick Popa, The Mix
KKDM, Des Moines, IA, Sophia John
WQBR, Nags Head, NC, Kenzie, Spinlist
WXRK, New York, NY, Liquid Todd, Solid State
WBTZ, Burlington, VT, Jason Steeves, Dust
WNNX, Decatur, GA, Yvonne Monet, X-Cellerator
WHFS, Annapolis, MD, Gina Crash, Trancemissions
WROX, Norfolk, VA DJ-X, The Party Pit
KROX, Austin, TX, James Reily, Club X
WQXA, Elizabethtown PA, Claudine DeLorenzo, Beats on the Edge
XTRA, San Diego, CA, Corbin Dooley, Ear Xtasy
WMRQ, Stamford, CT, Dave the Wave, Spinning Unrest
KITS, San Francisco, Aaron Axelson, Subsonic
KROQ, Burbank, CA, Jason Bentley, KROQ After Dark
EDGE, Irving, TX, Merritt Critcher, Edgeclub
WPLA Jacksonville, FL, Robert Goodman, Open House
GROOVE,Santa Monica, CA, Renee Naudin, My Show
WLUM, Milwaukee, WI, Mark Claesaes, Industrial Nation
DMX, Los Angeles, CA, Danielle Russychaert
XHRM, National City, CA, Greg Pearson, Whattever
KLZR, Lawrence, KS, Ray Velasquez, Nocturnal Transmission
KCXX, La Verne, CA, Danny Zee, Planet X
Y107, Pasadena, CA, Mike Savage, Liphted

Your questions, Jack answers...

Taken from the Frequently Asked Questions portion of this web page, we present to you answers from Jack himself.

Who Does Meat Beat's videos?
The last two videos were directed by Ben Stokes from H Gun in Chicago. Ben is in DHS, the creator of "The House of God"

Why doesn't MBM play in my home town?
Unfortunately, we cannot tour everywhere due to money (a general lack of it) and scheduling. We try to hit all the major cities and some smaller ones. I guess you can keep up the pressure at your local clubs to ask them to bring Meat Beat to town.

What's up with MBM being on Nothing?
I really appreciate Trent's willingness to put his money where his mouth is. Not many people have had the guts to do this. Everyone should know that Nothing have been incredibly supportive and they never try to manipulate my music. What I give them, they release... no pressure. I have artistic freedom and support from a label that truly has their shit together.

Why doesn't MBM use the dancers with costumes anymore?
Easy. It was time to move on. Besides the spiky dinosaur suits smell like Komodo Dragons after two shows.

If you could purchase two pieces of musical gear, what would they be?
Logic Audio, a sequencer program and the EMU E4K.

What is your best advice for someone just starting to create music?
Do something different and follow your own vision.


Helter Skelter!!! ...was broadcast on AMP, Saturday night on MTV, in case you missed it, it will re-air tonight at 12 midnight.

Electronic Tea Party is a 2 hour electronic music radio program featuring previously unreleased material from the artists on the vanguard of the scene which will be aired nationally in syndication through modern music stations. Meat Beat Manifesto's track is the very grooving and much talked about "single" mix of Nuclear Bomb.
Some of the other artists whose music is included in the program are The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Gus Gus, Crystal Method, FSOL, Uberzone, CJ Bolland, and Cirrus. The program is scheduled to run during the week of June 30th to coincide with the 4th of July holiday period. Individual commercial stations' airdates and times vary so fans should check with their local radio stations and specialty shows for these details.


New on the rumour front Tim Simenon (aka Bomb the Bass) has been spotted hanging out with Jack around the house and in the studio. Many more details to follow as they're known...

MAY 24

Original Fire IS OUT and available in all finer record shops across the USA.
There are more details of it in the last news report. The Specially-priced CD EP contains all stuff never released before in the USA with the exception of one track, from an old, out of print CD single.

The Perfect Drug IS OUT and people love it, with the MBM remix and other remixes, the new NIN CD single has finally hit the shops. Check older news for the details of this release...


Original Fire MBM's upcoming EP Original Fire is scheduled to be released by Nothing/Interscope Records in the USA on May 20th. The promotional two-disc vinyl will be shipped to radio and clubs several weeks prior.

Check the Images section for the artwork and the New and Recent section for a little blurb.

The track listing is as follows:

CD EP: Helter Skelter '97
I am Electro
I am Organic
Radio Babylon (original version)
I Got the Fear - Part 5
Asbestos Lead Asbestos - Toxic Mix
It's the Music - Mix 2000
Radio Babylon - Luke Vibert Mix (part 1)
Radio Babylon - Beach Blanket Bimbo Land - The Orb Mix

Vinyl: Side 1:
Radio Babylon (original version)
It's the Music (Full Version

Side 2:
Radio Babylon - Luke Vibert Mix (part 1)
Radio Babylon - Luke Vibert Mix (part 2)

Side 3:
Radio Babylon - Beach Blanket Bimbo Land - The Orb Mix
I am Electro

Side 4:
Helter Skelter '97
I Got the Fear - Part 5

A little bit of info on the tracks:

  • I am Electro and I am Organic were both originally recorded in 1993, the latter scheduled originally to be released on the abandoned single "Nuclear Bomb".
  • Helter Skelter '97 is a new version of the classic MBM track.
  • It's the Music is the latest single from MBM, released November 1996 in the UK.
  • It's the Music - Mix 2000 is a new mix by Jack Dangers
  • I Got the Fear - Part 5 was originally referenced as Version '88. This is a previously unreleased version of this song from Storm the Studio recorded in 1988.
  • Asbestos Lead Asbestos - Toxic Mix is a Jack Dangers remix which originally appeared on the commercially-released UK/European single of this track and was later included on a 12" white label of Asbestos mixes/remixes which was released promotionally in the USA
  • Radio Babylon has brand spanking new remixes from the immortal Luke Vibert and the gracios Orb (who have given quite a lengthy treatment to the popular favorite).
Artwork for this single has been once again done by Mr. Rich Borge, Gravity Workshop, NYC.

I promise more additions to the ever growing forum section as well as the fans section are taking place right now, so please investigate.

The image overhaul on the site has been successful while more live photographs and artwork are finally here.


Congratulations to the winner Jon Taylor and the runer up, Evan Eckard for their excellent designs. Thanks to everyone for their entries and votes. The winning shirt design should be posted shortly in final form with ordering information and everything.

SET YOUR RECEIVERS Universal Buzz Radio will be syndicating a portion of Meat Beat's live performance recorded at Water St. Music Hall in Rochester NY for Broadcast to 12 college radio stations. Airdates to start February 15th forward. Contact your local station for airtimes:

	KSUA	Fairbanks, AL
	WPTS	Pittsburgh, PA
	WNYO	Oswego, NY
	WLAF	Alfred, NY
	WERU	Daytona Beach, FL
	WRRC	Lawrenceville, NJ
	KWVA	Eugene, OR
	WJPZ	Syracuse, NY
	KKLC	Portland, OR

FUTURE WORLDS "It's the Music" comes Stateside as part of its own monster package of previously unreleased (U.S.) and exclusive MBM tracks bundled and billed as an E.P. Tracking is still tentative but several of the likely candidates are "It's the Music," new version(s) of "Helter Skelter", an "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" remix, a Luke Vibert remix of the so-seminal "Radio Babylon" and "Version 88" - a time-capsuled MBM track which will show the brilliance-since-birth musical manifestations.
"Version 88"'s slithering bass line wraps itself around the unwary listener and will squeeze the breath out of you. Confirmed track selection, title, and release date for this upcoming U.S. ep will be announced soon.
An MBM retrospective EP with a fresh slant from Play it Again Sam Records for the UK/European market of super slammin' track moments of MBM is on its way. Track selection is also yet to be confirmed, but an April release is anticipated.
Jack Dangers is currently in the Black Lab utilizing some of the live elemnets and inventing the latest sound solutions which will become the new album.
Plastic - Vol. 1 from Nettwerk Records should be out soon with the Dangers remix of "She's Unreal". Other artists on the compilation include Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Properllerheads, Sully, Crystal Method, and Sarah McLachlan.

OUT NOW Laika's UK single, "Breather" features the MBM/Dangers remix (236 mix) of Laika's song "Looking for the Jackalope" which was originally recorded for and appeared on the Red Hot Organization's benefit album Offbeat on TVT Records.


MBM ARE BACK IN THE STUDIO Guest musicians on the album so far include: Pat Gleeson, Benny Maupin, Mark Pistel and Dan Nielsen. Pat is best known for his 4 seminal albums with Herbie Hancock in the 1970s where Pat first introduced synthesizers into serious jazz recording and on which saxaphonist, Bennie Maupin was also a featured soloist and contributor. Bennie has also recorded and performed with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Lee Morgan, McCoy Tyner, Horace SIlver, and Me'Shell Ndege'ocello. Formerly of Consolidated and co-writer on Disposable Heroes album, Hiphopracy is the Greatest Luxury, Mark Pistel is currently recording as M-Pistel.

REMIXES IN THE WORKS Jack is currently doing a remix for Fun Lovin' Criminals for the upcoming single "King of New York" to be released in the UK.

The British group, Laika's upcoming UK single, "Breather" will be backed with the MBM/Dangers remix (236 mix) of Laika's song "Looking for the Jackalope" which was originally recorded for and appeared on the Red Hot Organization's benefit album Offbeat on TVT Records. The single releases Janurary 20th in the UK.

LIVE MBM's live set recorded at Rochester venue, Water St. Music Hall during their US tour will be broadcast (60 minutes) to over 12 college stations. (More info as it becomes available).

IN OTHER NEWS Japanese artist, Ken Ishii has a new mix album featuring the classic MBM track, "Strapdown" - Part 2 on his Sony released collection in Japan. Volume 3 in Ishii's Mix-Up series is import only in the U.S. Other artists "Mixed-Up" include United Future Organization, Moby, Riuchi Sakamoto, and Afrika Bambaata & The Soul Sonic Force.


There have been rumors circulating around that MBM are on tour supporting Porno for Pyros this January. MBM are in fact safe and warm locked away in some studio still recording the follow-up to this past year's triumph Subliminal Sandwich. They spent Christmas together (a day off from recording) and wish everyone peaceful wishes for the New Year.

The staff here at Brainwashed want to extend happy peaceful New Year wishes to you and your friends and family personally from us and from MBM as well.


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