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NEWS - 2000


ECCENTRIC OBJECTS Beginning October 18th, the first all new release from MBM in two years will take form of a limited edition vinyl EP titled "Eccentric Objects." This will be available exclusively online at entertainment site, sputnik7 , in conjunction with Tino Corp. Records.

The four tracks on Eccentric Objects include "Fragments," "Behemoth," "Structures" and "#4." The cover art on the first 250 copies is entirely hand-printed and personalized by Jack Dangers, with the remaining jacket covers custom silk-screened in four different versions. The EP comes with a bonus 9" flexidisc, "Sounds of the 20th Century" and is being issued in an edition of only 1000 'numbered' copies, a random 100 of which are 'signed' by Jack.

TINO NEWS Tino's Record Release Party!
A video breaks live sound system! Sample spooky Halloween sounds dubbed into a special live mix of Tino's Breaks Volume 5 / Dub Delivered to you in 4-channel Surround sound!
Sunday, October 29th at Dub Mission, The Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, San Francisco. Doors @ 9 PM (21+)
Tino Corp's Video Squad with Ben Stokes, Jack Dangers, Chris O'Dowd plus DJ Bo Square & DJ Sep.
Costumes encouraged!

Tino’s Breaks - Volume 3 / Christmas Breaks LP (Back by seasonal demand!)
Tino’s holiday grab-bag of beats and hip hop rhythms enhanced by sonic sleighbells, Christmas broadcasts from Hawaii, and tuneful yodeling of a holiday favorite. Side A is the music; Side B the scratch tracks. A Jack Dangers production.
Re-issued on shiny red vinyl!

Tino’s Breaks - Volume 5 / Dub LP
Tino’s Breaks goes Dub! This album is an audio head's dream come true. Rare Jamaican bits, drums, bass, reverb, tape echo, tube amplified drum kits. With this double record, Tino takes a skip across his own back yard to Jamaica.
Dangers, Stokes & Powell team up again with drumming legend, Tino, to explore the fascinating world of dub. Tempos range from 72 BPM to 140 BPM but all tracks adhere to the simple rules of dub as described by Tino, ". . .by pulling in & out many channels of [the] mix, the engineer [creates] an entirely new composition on the fly." In that same dub spirit, Tino boldly embraces the gratuitous use of reverb and delay for full, [fuzzy-headed] effect!

SONIC STRUCTURES MBM has also generously donated a track for the Brainwashed 4th Anniversary CD Compilation, to be given away with subscription copies of UK-based The Wire magazine. Copies will also be sold in a limited special package from the brainwashed website. More details also due soon, release date expected later this year.


Meat Beat Manifesto vs The Herbaliser Just released: Om Records stages the mega-beat union of heavyweights when electronica meets turntabalism in their new compilation, Tektonics. Artist tracking includes Meat Beat Manifesto vs The Herbaliser in the guise of MBM's "Prime Audio Soup" which was originally produced as a promo-only remix of "P.A.S.." by those Ninja Tune hip-hop warriors. The Tektonic's compilation offers the first commercial release of this track in the U.S.

Tektonics' other enviable match-ups joined at the 'hip' include:

Studio Wise Last year saw Meat Beat Manifesto's record deals with their labels, Play It Again Sam Records and their U.S. licensee, Nothing Records conclude. Much studio activity has since ensued. In addition to production and performance work with several Future Primitive Sound Session label artists including DJ Z-Trip and DJ Disk, Jack's main focus in the sound-sculpting department has been on new original material resulting in fresh MBM tracks and more... stay tuned for exciting future release news. Also in the mix: Tino's Breaks, Jack's side-project born and bred with DHS entity, Ben Stokes has spawned one more big beat platter in this illustrious groovin' breakbeat series. Say "ˇHello Friendsˇ" to Volume 5: Tino's Breaks In Dub coming this fall. Current Tino's Breaks: ? Christmas Breaks (Vol. 3) and Mambo (Vol. 4), is being distributed to retail shops by Ubiquity Records and is likewise available through their website:


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