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NEWS - 1998


CALLING ALL CALIFORNIANS Meat Beat Manifesto's album, Actual Sounds + Voices has been nominated for the California Music Awards in the category of "Best Electronic Music Album" of 1998. The winner is chosen through public ballot with entries available in BAM Magazine (distributed free in North & South California editions) for five consecutive weeks beginning with the December 4th issue.

The December 4th issue of BAM also highlights Meat Beat Manifesto as the 'cover' feature story in the magazine. Voice your support for MBM by picking up an issue and mailing in an entry.

ACTUAL JAPANESE RELEASE Actual Sounds + Voices is scheduled to be released in Japan on CD today. In the traditional style of releasing Japenese CDs with extra stuff, this CD has a special booklet different than all the other releases, featuring commentary and lyrics on many of the tracks. There are no bonus tracks due to space limitations.

TINO NEWS Tino Corp's first releases, "Tino's Breaks" volumes 1 and 2 are out and available. Tino Corp is a project by MBM's Jack Dangers and Mike Powell along with Ben Stokes from DHS/H-Gun. The records were released in limited runs on vinyl only of 300 copies each. While there is no distribution set up for these releases yet, Mike informs us you can purchase them through a record store right on Filmore Street, down the road from his house in San Francisco, CA. Their phone number is 415-255-1875.

NO ENEMY OF MINE A super shout-out goes to Public Enemy who have kindly listed MBM on their list of links in the "Terrordrome" section of their official website. Props to Chuck D & crew.

CONTEST WINNERS If you haven't noticed, the winners have been decided upon and notified for the Prime Audio Soup giveaway. Thanks to all who submitted soup entries. While not all the soups were prime or audio, there are many delicious recipies that'll keep us nice and warm during the winter months.

NEWS - NOVEMBER 13, 1998

CONTEST TIME You can win a copy of the promo-only US CD single of "Prime Audio Soup". While there will be a European commercial release, there are still no plans to issue this single in the USA. How to win it??? Jon, Chris and Gnat, who have spent lots of time and devotion to this page have been feeling rather tired and worn down, things are busy, and the months are getting colder this time of year. They need some new soup recipes this year to keep them warm and healthy. Email with your own special recipe for a "PRIME AUDIO SOUP". The ten best recipes will be hand picked by the three and put to the test. Note: Immediate disqualifiers will include any non-human animal products (or by-products). Bonus points for originality. If you don't include your complete name and mailing address, you will also be disqualified. Entries have to be in by November 1st, announcements and recipes will be displayed on THE BRAIN the following week.

PRIMED FOR RELEASE Prime Audio Soup CD/12" single will be released on November 23rd in Europe. There are still no plans for a North American commercial release.

MBM TOUR NEWS!!! More MBM tour dates are available now for the North American tour. These dates are the confirmed official dates SO FAR. There will be more to come so keep checking back here...
FRI 11/13 - Atlanta GA - Cotton Club
SAT 11/14 - Tampa FL - Masquerade
SUN 11/15 - Miami Beach FL - Salvation
MON 11/16 - Gainesville FL - Florida Theatre
WED 11/18 - New Orleans LA - House of Blues
THU 11/19 - Houston TX - Numbers
FRI 11/20 - Austin TX - La Zona Rosa
SAT 11/21 - Dallas TX - Deep Ellum Live
TUE 11/24 - Los Angeles CA - Palace
WED 11/25 - San Francisco CA - Fillmore
FRI 11/27 - Seattle WA - Showbox Theatre
SAT 11/28 - Portland OR - La Luna
SUN 11/29 - Vancouver BC - The Palladium
more details notes directly from the band

NEWS - AUGUST 31, 1998

SET ME FREE Prime Audio Soup has been announced as the next single release.

ACTUAL SOUNDS AND VOICES An ACTUAL RELEASE DATE has been given of Monday, October 5th in Europe and Tuesday October 6th in the USA.

In the meantime, we here at brainwased are proud to tease you with some exclusive prime audio samples. Just click on the track to hear a 60-second MP3 excerpt from that song. More will be added sporadically before the release.

  1. Everything's Under Control
  2. Prime Audio Soup
  3. Book of Shadows
  4. Oblivion/Humans
  5. Lets Have Fun
  6. The Tweek
  7. Acid Again
  8. Let Go
  9. Where Are You/Enuff
  10. Hail to the Bopp
  11. 3 Floors Above You
  12. Funny Feeling
  13. The Thumb
  14. Wavy Line
  15. Wildlife
Sound samples of other songs are still available in the audio section of the website.

NEWS - AUGUST 14, 1998

ACTUAL IMAGES MBM were visually captured on the stage at their warm-up-gig at Bimbo's in San Francisco on June 13th by Jay (don't call me MISTER) Bain ( Images are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the permission of the photographer. Jay's own page can be found at

NEWS - JUNE 22, 1998 ACID AGAIN will be released in the USA on June 30th as a retail 12" single. The CD single will be released on July 7th. Here is the track listing:
  1. Acid Again
  2. Acid Again - Freddy Fresh Mix
  3. Acid Again - Depth Charge Mix 1
  4. Acid Again - Dub Again
  5. Acid Again - Depth Charge Mix 2
The promo version of the CD single has become somewhat of a collector's item already, the artwork has been recalled and the commercial version will have different artwork...

ON THE ROAD Don't forget to catch MBM with the Prodigy on the remaining US tour dates: Do not fear, there should be a full MBM tour later this year after the new album is released.

ALBUM REVIEWED? got a hold of the album somehow and posted the following on the IDM list:

Just got a copy of the new Meat Beat Manifesto album "Actual Sounds and Voices" (due in August 28th)
All I have to say is "DAMN..."
After their intriguing, yet not so exciting, stint in Subliminal Sandwich, Jack Dangers and crew (John Wilson and Lynn Farmer) show the kids (Chemical Bros, Fat Boy Slim, Crystal Method, whatever, etc.) what it means to make quality beat oriented music. Fusing dub, heavy beats, analog quirks, weird samples, Jack's Vocals, and an all around Meat Beat Manifestonian feel, "Actual Sounds..." is both dance floor friendly while retaining a delightful listenability. Drum'n'bass-esque moments "pop-up" ("esque" meaning: to original to be "drum'n'bass" but filled to the brim with ripping breaks) to speed things up while heavy beat oriented tracks keep your head bobbing and your ears peeled.
What this all winds down to is "Actual Sounds..." is quite possibly my favorite release since Storm the Studio and 99%. To bad it won't be seeing the day of light until late august...

REMIX NEWS Jack dangers has remixed a track from God Lives Underwater called "Rearrange", release details soon to come.

APRIL 28 The new MBM album, Actual Sounds + Voices will be released late August. The first single from the album will be "Acid Again" coupled with the Jack Dangers-produced, "Dub Again" and with remixes by Freddy Fresh and Depth Charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE There is a NEW MBM mailing address, please note the change:
PO Box 225036
San Francisco, CA 94122-5036

PRODUCTION NOTE With the new MBM album completed, Jack has been very active on the production front. Most recently, Jack co-produced the Public Enemy track, "Go Cat Go" with Danny Saber, which will appear on the soundtrack album for the new Spike Lee film, He Got Game.

SOUNDS FROM THE UNDERGROUND A new addition to Brainwashed is the Brainwashed Jukebox, featuring sound clips in a few formats of many of the Brainwashed bands. There are MBM sound clips there as well as some from friends like Luke Vibert, Coil, and Bomb the Bass.

NEW ON THE SITE There are now .mov files for excerpts for all the MBM music videos (except for Asbestos Lead Asbestos), check AUDIO to see them.

FEBRUARY 2 A new year, a new design. Everything is still here, eveything should be working, things just look a little different. All bitching should go to

The Utterer The new Utterer Mix #8 is out and sent to all of those who are part of the service. To be on this mailing list, write to:
PO Box 921
1023 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122-2200

Highlights from this issue include:

Reel time:: Actual Sounds and Voices is the next slab of soundware sculpted by Jack Dangers for MBM. Mainly a solo studio invention, the album also sourced a live session comprised of the creative forces of the MBM's Subliminal Sandwich touring band - Jack Dangers (synths, etc.), John Wilson (prepared guitar), Lynn Farmer (drums), and Mike Powell (various keys & 1958 Moog theremin) and various special guest musicians, Dr. Pat Gleeson (Arp 2600, Wah Wah Pedal, Echoplex) and Bennie Maupin (tenor and soprano sax; bass clarinet) - both members of Herbie Hancock's seminal 70's jazz-funk sextet. Bennie has also recorded and performed with Miles Davis (Bitches Brew, On the Corner, Big Fun), Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Lee Morgan, McCoy Tyner, Horace Silver, and recently with Me'Shell Ndege'ocello. Also recruited was Dan Nielson (keyboards) and ex-Consolidated member, Mark Pistel (keyboards). Hours of recorded material were deconstructed into a virtual jazz-suite titled, "The Thumb" and session elements were plugged into other album tracks.

The album contains the heady, "Acid Again" and the hypnotic "Prime Audio Soup," both serving up generous 'scapes and beats well suited to dance floor consumption, plus the vocal twister, "Oblivion/Humans". Actual Sounds and Voices is wasit-deep in thick, tricky music for body and soul to further fuel the already highly charged MBM arsenal. Set on stun... coming this spring.

Remix roulette brings these newest Dangerous manipulations to the table: Recently released is a Bush remix album titled Deconstructed which includes the Jack Dangers' Drum and Bees Mix of their song, "Insect Kin". ALso paltter side in Deconstruction are mixes by Goldie, Tricky, Mekon, Dere DeLarge and Phillip Stier. Japanese bands have been actively seecing out the productive hands of Jack Dangers resulting in remixes for Air and their single, "Everything or Everyone and Everything or Peace" as the Dis Way Mix releasing on Japanese label, BeatInc. in February plus the Boom Boom Satellites on the famed Belgian label, R&S Records with JD's trapezoid mix of "4 A Moment of Silence" which will be packaged with other remixes for an E.P.

Meat Beat Manifesto is one of several artists who have contributed to the upcoming Depeche Mode tribute album, For the Masses with an MBM rendering of DM's, "Everything Counts". The collection will be released on 1500 Records/A&M Records in summer '98 and also includes works by Smashing Pumpkins, Rabbit in the Moon, Devo, Crystal Method, DefTones, Mekon, and Monster Magnet.
Meat Beat Manifesto's track, Helter Skelter '97 from the Interscope EP, Original Fire appears on a new Wax Trax compilation called, Big Rock'n Beats which also includes music from Fatboy Slim, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Cirrus, plus remixes by The Chemical Brothers and Front 242.

Caipirinha Productions had its premire screening of Modulations, their documentary film on electronic music and its creators at this year's Sundance Film Festival in January. It is an exhaustive survey and exploration of this evolving genre through interviews with many of the most important names in the scene including Jack Dangers at his Black Lab studio and upcoming album track, "The Thumb" as musical background to the MBM segment.

Strange but true... Howard Stern has distinguished himself as possibly the most unexpected MBM fan but certainly the most listened to MBM fan! Meat Beat was twice hailed on the infamous Howard Stern show as was the thunderous rhythmic assault of "Helter Skelter '97". Gooey adulations also went out to the track's video. Fully stoked on MBM, Howard "stroked" the song and the band to his gillions of now Dangerously-subverted listeners. As his sidekick, Robin was heard saying, "It's in my brain now". ...Indeed!

Meat Beat Manifesto has emerged from steady studio immersion to perform a one-off date as part of the San Francisco radio station Live 105's yearly holiday concert series. Expanded to two nights last December, Electronica Hanukkah (Day 1) debuted as an all-electronic festival staged in the Maritime Hall with live performances by DJ Shadow, Crystal Method, Sneaker Pimps, Josh Wink and DJ Keoki. Meat Beat Manifesto played a 50 minute set of MBM favorites, premiering a new live version of "It's the Music" and the new album track, "Acid Again," playfully sporting matching orange jumpsuits for the occasion. Electronica Hanukkah was simulcast to the San Francisco Bay Area along with backstage interviews with the artists and DJs.

Future Worlds: With the new MBM album now completed, Jack Dangers has just commenced a new recording project with Tim Simenon of Bomb the Bass, with whom he is co-producing BTB's new upcoming album and for which he has also co-written many of the tracks.


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