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news 1998

9th November, 1998

23rd September, 1998

27th August, 1998

From the desk of Baal-ence:

    "We have finished the Autumn Equinox release which will officially be released on Sept 23rd 98ev. There are 2 tracks on the 7" single (45rpm this time).

    "Amethyst Deciever" and "Switches". 1000 copies on dark red vinyl. 55 copies on another colour signed by all COIL members and numbered. The CD version has different versions of the 2 tracks on the 7" as well as "Regel", "The Auto-Asphyxiating Hierophant", and "Rosa Decidua". The latter features Rose McDowall and Robert Lee of SORROW on a collaborative recording with COIL that they too began recording at last years Autumn Equinox. The tracks are different in feel from the Summer Soltice EP. We started last year with a session of treated vocals and an ARP 2600 synthesiser. William Breeze came over and added mandolin and guitar and viola. There are Balance vocals and Louise Weasel vocals, and Galactic calls to Star Forms. Counter-point, Confessionals and Rose as an Elizabethan boy."

    best wishes

5th May, 1998

Summer Solstice occurs this year on 21st of June, at which time two Coil related things will happen.

  • "Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull", the Vernal Equinox single will cease to be available.
  • A new single will be released:
    7" - "Bee Stings" c/w "Summer Substructures". Eskaton 13. 1000 copies on coloured vinyl. I dont know what colour yet as it depends on whats available. There will also be a smaller edition in another colour as was the case with Moons Milk.

    CD - "Bee Stings" "Summer Substructures" "Glow Worm/Waveform" "A Warning From The Sun". Eskaton 14. Available until the Autumnal Equinox then deleted.

John Balance writes:
  • "William Breeze plays electric viola on "Bee Stings" and "Summer Substructures". They are all songs with me singing etc. "A warning from the sun" is dedicated to our friend Fritz who commited suicide a month ago."
  • "We are going to rework the material from these 4 seasonal releases which will be a vinyl box set and CD set to be released on the Spring Equinox 1999.
  • "We've spoken to Nothing and Backwards will be out in Jan 1999. I guess we will have other new albums out before then.
  • "It's time for a new Black Light District album.
  • "There should be a 5 disc set for Time Machines also out in the meantime."
14th March, 1998

  • There is an exhibition people might be interested in called: "An Old Master - The Art of Aleister Crowley" at the October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester St, London WC1 in association with the Ordo Templi Orientis Internation.

    The exhibition includes a piece on loan from Jhon Balance & Peter Christopherson, as well as other works loaned by Jimmy Page.

    The exhibition will run through the end of this week.

  • Sound samples are now available at a new section hosted by Brainwashed. There are many Coil tasties there including excerpts from all the latest releases. Go visit the Brainwashed Jukebox at
  • "Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull" is out and going fast, get one while you still can as there will be a new single to replace that come Summer Solstice.
13th February, 1998

  • "Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull" is out on March 20th. This is the COIL Spring Equinox single on Eskaton. Eskaton 011 is the 7" and Eskaton 012 is the CD.There are 1000 7"s and the CD is available until the Summer solstice.
  • Time Machines and Foxtrot were released on January 26th through World Serpent.
  • Kenneth Anger has contacted Coil to contribute to a film he's working on titled Gnostic Mass. The movie is being filmed in Texas with cooperation from local members of the OTO and based on Crowlean events. At this time it is unknown how much exatcly Coil will contribute to the soundtrack. Bill Breeze will work with them on this release, however.
  • Several shipments of Time Machines were sent out as if packaged up by careless people as indeed they were. It is not W S's fault. We are all peeved about it and shouting and correcting has gone on.If you didn't have stickers in yr Time Machines then contact Whirled Serpent tel (44) 810 694 2000.fax(44) 810 694 2677 or write to Unit 717 Seager Buildings Brookmill Road SE84HL UK and they will send you copies.Those who have suggested the package is a little dissappointing and not to COIL usual standards might see it in a more positive light with the complete thing in front of them. Alternately if it is more convenient go back to place of perchase and get a changed copy.
  • New singles are in the works for the seasonal series. A single should be out in honor of the Summer Solstice as well as a new ELpH single should be due soon too. STAY TUNED
10th January, 1998

Happy New Year, wishing everyone the blessings of Aos and Zos...

  • The fight continues to get everything squared away with the ownership rights of Scatology and Horse Rotorvator material, originally released on Some Bizarre. After the dust settles, Nothing intends to release them in the USA.
  • In reaction to this, John Balance says they are cursed releases and wait for the blessed releases through Nothing to surface. "These are old, old albums now. We have moved away and outgrown them. This year we are intent on creating and releasing several COIL proper albums. Not side projects or pseudonyms (although we have several of these due ncluding TIME MACHINES-due out in 2 weeks on Eskaton) but fullblown full-on projects following on from Horse Rotorvator and Loves Secret Domain. Vocals and everything."
  • From World Serpent we hear the news on two new releases - COIL- TIME MACHINES and COIL & FRIENDS - FOXTROT.

    "This Coil release is the long awaited all-new album from Balance & Christopherson and consists of four tunes to facilitate time travel. The CD is 72 minutes long and as stated consists of 4 long tracks of minimal electronic drones. The first 3000 CDs do not have a booklet but contain 6 brightly coloured stickers with graphics on them. The stickers are 110mm square and have the track titles on a black border. All the tracks are names of chemical formulae for drugs oooooooohhhhhhhhh."

    The Foxtrot project "was given birth after "Balance" experienced some hard times last year and his friends rallied round to lend their support. The album contains 2 Coil tracks, 1 Peter Christopherson track, 2 NWW tracks, 1 Current 93 track, and 1 track from The Inflatable Sideshow."

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