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December 14, 2001

The latest news from

December 11, 2001

A double CD set collecting tracks from the 1998 Solstice/Equinox EPs was released recently. Here's the release announcement from World Serpent:

Coil - Moon's Milk (in Four Phases) dbl CD. ESKATON23.
Moon's Milk (in Four Phases) gathers together the four 'seasonally adjusted' EPs that Coil released that coincided with the two Solstices and Equinoxes. This 15-track double cd compilation explores the influence of tides, times, ebbs and flows, of mercurial marginalia, lunacies, Realms of the unconscious and Empires of the senseless. Featuring Coil with the extended line-up of John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Bill Breeze (collaborator of Angus MacLise - Co-founder of the Velvet Underground), Rose McDowall and Robert Lee (Of Sorrow/Strawberry Switchblade and Dead Can Dance) This dynamic and varied collection continues the powerful and ancient tradition of composing seasonal songs for ritual days and occasions. England's Hidden Reverse.

[Disc One]

Spring Phase:
Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull (part 1)
Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull (part 2)

Summer Phase:
Bee Stings
Summer Substructures
A Warning From The Sun (for Fritz)

bonus track:
Amethyst Decievers (live in Moscow)

[Disc Two]

Autumn Phase:
Rosa Decidua
The Auto-Asphyxiating Hierophant
Amethyst Decievers

Winter Phase:
A White Rainbow
Magnetic North
Christmas Is Now Drawing Near

November 28, 2001

Coil's band-run website Threshold House has been updated with a beautiful new intro screen, news of upcoming releases, and several new sections and features. It's worth a visit for the Jhon Balance Automated State Monitor alone!

November 26, 2001

The European tour originally scheduled for November, and then postponed to January/February, 2002 due to Jhon Balance's recent medical problems, has been postponed once again.

Coil have decided to wait for Thighpaulsandra to complete his current commitments with Spiritualized so he can join them for the live dates. The shows are now expected to take place in April, 2002 in Hamburg (Germany), Glauchau (Germany), Bologna (Italy), Zürich (Switzerland) and possibly three other European cities. The tour will be presented by Iron Flame.

As always, complete information will be posted here as soon as it is known, as well as at the new Coil Live page at Threshold House.

November 25, 2001

The long-promised Brain In The Wire 2xCD compilation of tracks by Brainwashed artists is finally on it's way, with an exclusive Thighpaulsandra track to be included along with work by Matmos, Meat Beat Manifesto, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Cex and many more.

The first disc in the set was available with the October, 2000 issue of The Wire magazine, and the second disc (which features the Thighpaulsandra track) will be included with the May, 2002 issue. But those who pre-order the double disc directly from Brainwashed will receive a bonus disc entitled Brain NOT In The Wire featuring exclusive tracks from "surprise" artists. (Brainwashed head honcho Jon Whitney would like to state very clearly that you will kick yourself for not ordering this edition.)

More info and pre-order instructions can be found at the Brainwashed Recordings website.

November 14, 2001

A brief update from Jhon Balance regarding Coil's long-delayed album for Nothing Records, as well as the long-rumoured North American reissues of their back-catalogue:

We are still signed to Nothing. We have been in very recent contact with them, and they have been very patient and understanding and concerned with all aspects of our well being and our progress. Our next album The World Ended A Long Time Ago (formerly known as Backwards) will be released by Nothing in the Americas, and by Threshold House in the rest of the Whirled with distribution by World Serpent . Some Nothing releases will not go through Interscope. COIL being one of these.

Nothing have had problems with Stevo re.the American re-issue of Scatology and Horse Rotorvator. Same problems as we have had basically. Love's Secret Domain is free to be released in the US.

October 29, 2001

Jhon Balance is out of hospital and recovering at home. He's doing fine, but will be resting until the end of the year to ensure a full recovery. The four European concerts originally scheduled for November are being re-scheduled for early 2002, with the possible addition of several more dates.

Jan 9: Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
Jan 11: Glauchau, Germany - Alte Spinnerei

Jan ??: Brussels, Belgium
Feb 15: Zürich, Switzerland
Feb 16: Bologna, Italy
Feb ??: Berlin, Germany
Feb ??: city t.b.a., Holland

October 25, 2001

Jhon Balance was rushed to hospital on Wednesday, October 24th with a suspected heart attack.

After 12 gruelling hours in A&E he was out of immediate danger, but was admitted to the hospital for further tests, including for possible pneumonia. He is no longer in critical condition, and can receive incoming email messages of good will, support etc. but obviously this will effect his immediate schedule of commitments.

COIL are currently contacting promoters of the forthcoming dates with a view to postponing those performances until early next year. Our apologies to them and to everyone who has bought tickets so far. We intend to fulfill those and other European dates, including the abortive installation at Whitecahpel, London, if and when Jhon is back to full strength.

October 19, 2001

Cyclobe - the musical partnership of former Coil member Stephen Thrower and current Coil live performer Simon Norris - are about to release their second album The Visitors on CD and double 10" LP. It will be released on their own Phantom Code imprint, distributed through World Serpent. For more information, visit the Cyclobe website.

Coil's performance in Bologna, Italy on November 25th will no longer be taking place at Teatro Duse as originally announced. The new venue is still to be confirmed, but should hopefully be announced soon.

October 7, 2001

A new section called Live has been added to this website. It currently contains a simple listing of all past and future Coil live performances, along with links to photos, reviews, etc. A more extenisive live performance archive is being constructed and will be available at some point in the future.

A 7" version of Thighpaulsandra's Michel Publicity Window EP has been released. It features the title track with "Hovercar Von Düsseldorf" on the b-side, and is limited to 500 copies on amber vinyl.

September 29, 2001

Several Coil concerts have been confirmed for late November in Europe:

Nov 20: Glauchau, Germany - Alte Spinnerei
Nov 22: Zürich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
Nov 25: Bologna, Italy - Teatro Duse
Nov 27: Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

September 23, 2001

Some news from Coil regarding several upcoming releases:

The NYC show was supposed to be filmed with multiple cameras for a full scale video release, but in the end the Irving Plaza wanted to charge us to film with more than one camera, so we decided against it.

A single camera shot of the concert which does have some great moments was shot by Don Poe, and he has our permission to send out copies for a reasonable price (though not to advertise and distribute commercially). The package being sold by Don includes a video that features the full show plus footage from the soundcheck and backstage, as well as a professionally pressed and printed CD-R featuring a soundboard recording of the performance. More info can be found here.

The Moscow concert WAS filmed professionally with multiple cameras and in that venue the layout, deranged lighting and smoke were all the way we like them (by comparison Irving Plaza was not really the 'full show'). FeeLee of Russia will be releasing the concert in full as a video - we will get copies for mail-order.

We intend to release two DVDs (by Christmas if possible), one of which will include the full Moscow show plus the best bits of Irving Plaza, Amsterdam and Royal Festival Hall concerts, and one featuring a studio 'ideal' recording of all the songs we played live on that tour accompanied by the graphic animation projected during the performances.

We are desperately seeking video and audio of the Antwerp concert, video and audio of Leipzig, video of the Barcelona concert, and any good quality audience tapes of any of our live shows.

Time Machines will be released soon on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve packaged with stickers. Also due soon is a 7" featuring a live version of "Blood From The Air" recorded at the Moscow concert, with another live track (probably "Amythest Decievers") on the b-side. It will be limited to 1100 copies.

Autechre and Surgeon are now confirmed as the remixers on the bonus 12" to be included in the upcoming boxset of the vinyl reissues of Scatology, Horse Rotorvator and Love's Secret Domain. There may be a couple more remixes/remixers as well.

September 20, 2001

There have been incorrect reports of a Coil show taking place in Bologna, Italy at Teatro Duse on September 28. Coil are presently finialisiing details of some live shows in Europe at the end of November including possible appearences in Bologna, Zurich, and Hamburg, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

Two new Coil anthology CDs were released last week in conjunction with the group's performance in Moscow. These albums consist mostly of tracks already available on other Coil albums, except for "A.Y.O.R." and "A Cold Cell" - the versions on these CDs are rough mixes of tracks from the forthcoming Coil album to be released on Nothing Records next year.

The titles of the collections which were devised by Ivan Pavlov are (loosely translated) A Guide for Beginners - A Silver Voice which is all melancholy, melodic pieces, and A Guide for Finishers - Golden Hair which is all noisy, deranged tracks.

A Guide for Beginners - A Silver Voice:
Amethyst Deceivers
The Lost Rivers of London
Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)
Are You Shivering?
Where Are You?
At the Heart of it All
A Cold Cell
Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)
Who'll Fall?
The Dreamer is Still Asleep

A Guide for Finishers - Golden Hair:
First Dark Ride
Further Back and Faster
The Anal Staircase
Red Skeletons
Solar Lodge
Blue Rats
The First Five Minutes After Violent Death

100 copies of the set are available for purchase at Threshold House, where you will also soon be able to buy the two t-shirt designs that were created for the Russian concert.

September 16, 2001

Coil's performance in Moscow took place last night as planned. It was filmed and recorded for a future DVD release.

As for the North American shows in 2002, the current plans are for a very short tour (5-6 dates) in the Spring - possibly including performances at Planetariums in Chicago and elsewhere - and a more extensive tour in the fall to coincide with the release of the long-delayed album on Nothing Records. As more information becomes known, it will be posted here.

August 26, 2001

The NYC show took place last weekend, and went very well. The group had a great time in NYC (Balance especially enjoyed Central Park at night...), and they're looking forward to returning to North America for next year's tour.

The long-awaited reissue of Love's Secret Domain was made available this past week. Here is the info as provided by World Serpent:

Coil - Love's Secret Domain CD. LOCICD17.
LSD has been out of circulation for so long that this is almost like a new release rather than a reissue. Remastered by Thighpaulsandra and artwork by Steven Stapleton LSD sees Coil joined by Rose McDowall: Marc Almond: Annie Anxiety: Juan Ramirez: Charles Hayward: Mike McEvoy & Cyrung. LSD was Coil's most dance-orientated release and saw them years ahead of the field of dance musick, as we know it today. Aphex Twin, Autechre and even Goldfrapp would not be here today if it were not for the pioneering group that is COIL.

August 8, 2001

Another new release announcement:

Love Uncut

A new Eskaton release that will be manufactured and distributed by Mego/M.DOS.

John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Frankie Gothard, Steve Thrower and Louise Weasel in COH's "Love Uncut EP".

4 tracks:
My Angel (Director's Cut)
Prayer For Russell
Love's Septic Domain (Health & Dificiency)

In yet another collaboration with members of Coil and associates, COH (aka Ivan Pavlov) delivers this fine set of recordings, featuring:
- a cinematic version of Soft Cell's "Meet Murder My Angel" with a long awaited appearance in it of Peter Sleazy Christopherson
- COH's hardcore dancefloor cover of 80ies porn-hit "Fetish" by Vicious Pink.
- Steve Thrower's [of Cyclobe] prayer for gay porn actor Russell Moore.
- and even more.......

Available September 2001.

August 6, 2001

News on some upcoming releases and other stuff, as revealed to the Coil mailing list by John Balance:

"Moscow will be the last concert in which we will perform the Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil set. We want to tour the US in the Summer or Fall next year. We have established that we are definately still Nothing artists and they are expecting us to deliver an album to them in the Spring for early Summer release. Thighpaulsandra is touring with Spiritualized for a long time now and we don't want to just do one-offs anymore, we want to tour. So we may be adapting and changing the live line-up. We have some ideas and surprises lined up, we just have to see if they are possible. Then again, everything is possible.

"We are in the process on compiling two volumes of a Russia only COIL compilation to tie in with our Moscow concert. We are negotiating to get a shipment of these CDs when they are released and they will be available through our web-site for a limited period. Until they run out basically. They will have Cyrillic text and are themed around one volume of melancholy songs and one volume of more aggressive twisted tunes. No titles as yet.

"We are also working towards an Autumn release of When You Listen To COIL Do You Think Of Music? which is the double retrospective CD compilation we are working on at the moment. It will be on Threshold House through World Serpent.

"The new ANAL album will be out on Eskaton. ANAL is the fried-brained child of a certain Jody Evans, friend and confidant of Thighpaulsandra. Scheduled release date on Sept 3rd. The day the Second World War broke out. Its called I Am Newport named after Jody's home town in Wales. Hard core Ambient. A melodic purge. A trial by Musick. Wonderful NOISE!"

August 5, 2001

A new Thighpaulsandra release has just been issued. Here is the information as provided by World Serpent:

Thighpaulsandra - Michel Publicity Window CDEP. ESKATON27CD.
Coil & Spiritualized member and eccentric genius Thighpaulsandra's latest release is the fantastical 4 track CDEP MPW. MPW is a different version from the track that appeared on the hugely successful I, Thighpaulsandra CD & LP. MPW is complemented by 3 brand new tracks exclusively available on this CDEP:

Michel Publicity Window - a single length remix of one of the most popular tracks from the album 'I, Thighpaulsandra'.
Paralysed - features the voice of erotic singer Siôn Orgon buried in an Avalanche of lip-gloss and electronics.
Hovercar Von Düsseldorf - a distant memory of escape from a damaged Childhood in the Fatherland.
Fouled - An invocation of the Godfly Tsunsai with vocals from Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, guitar and bass from Martin Schellard and Drums from Siôn Orgon.

Digipak cover complemented by the artwork of Peter Christopherson and John Balance.

Thighpaulsandra - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals
John Balance - Vocals & Text
Siôn Orgon - Drum Kit, Percussion, Gongs & Bells
Martin Schellard - Guitars & Bass
Butros Muller - Staal - Electronic Percussion.

August 3, 2001

A personal message from Sleazy on behalf of Coil:

"Latest word on our NYC appearance is that we WILL now be appearing FOR SURE (visas having been arranged, etc.) at the Irving Plaza on Saturday August 18th as the climax of the Convergence 7 Festival. Tickets for the event can be obtained from

"This will be absolutely your last opportunity to witness COIL in its present form performing the songs that have been so successful in Europe in the last few months. After this Thighpaulsandra will be leaving the band to start a 'sabbatical' with Spiritualized that may apparently last up to two years, and COIL will mutate into something different. So we suggest you DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WITNESS THE COIL LIVE EXPERIENCE!!!!"

August 1, 2001

The fourth episode of the UKs Channel 4 series Hello Culture on Aug 5th entitled "Badness" includes an appearance by Coil. This is from their notes:

Written and presented by Matthew Collings, Hello Culture is the follow up to the BAFTA award-winning This is Modern Art. Tonight Matthew puts culture in the dock, tracing the history of bad guys in art right back to Lord Byron, the most wicked of all the romantic poets. Byron's shocking texts and even more shocking behaviour have a legacy that stretches from William Burroughs to the satanic magician and poet Aleister Crowley, right up to the contemporary rock band Coil. Collings meets Will Self and Jerry Lee Lewis and asks them about the role of bad guys in culture, and visits a New York sex dungeon to trace the enduring appeal of the Marquis De Sade.

For those who cannot receive UK TV we will try to make a streaming or QuickTime version available of at least the Coil bit when the band has the right gear in the autumn.

In other news: Coil's 'legendary' first two albums Scatology and Horse Rotorvator, which are now available on CD, are about to be joined by their third 'mythical' album Love's Secret Domain which will be re-released shortly. These CD releases will be followed in September(ish) by vinyl releases of all three albums (on heavy vinyl). As well as being available seperately, there will be a slip-cased edition of all three records which will include an additional new 12" remix of Panic by a well known and highly regarded band (yet to be confirmed). An art edition of the slip-cased three record set will also be available from Threshold House only, which will include additional artworks, etc.

July 25, 2001

Tickets for Coil's performance at DK Gorbunova in Moscow on September 15th are now on sale for the ominous price of 666 roubles (around US$23). For more information (in Russian), click here.

July 17, 2001

Coil will be performing on Saturday, August 18th, 2001 at Irving Plaza in New York City as part of the Convergence 7 gothic festival. Visit the C7 website for ticket details and other information.

A mailing list has been created at Yahoo!Groups for those who are planning to attend the event in order to allow the discussion of travel plans, room sharing, meeting arrangements and other stuff. Click here to subscribe.

This will be Coil's only North American show during this visit, but plans are afoot for a more extensive North American tour at some point in the future. As soon as more details are known, they will be posted here.

June 20, 2001

World Serpent has reissued the four Solstice/Equinox CD singles in time for the summer solstice 2001. They have all been issued in lots of 400 only and are available on a first come, first served basis. The singles were originally deleted some time ago but Coil/WSD have made them available for one last time.

The new album by Scottish group Mount Vernon Arts Labentitled The Seance at Hobs Lane features a Coil remix of the track "Hobgoblins". The album also features remixes and collaborations with Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian), Barry 7 (Add N to X), Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Phosphene. Hopefully, more information regarding availability of this release will be forthcoming.

June 14, 2001

After several comments and questions on the Coil mailing list regarding the inclusion of the phrase "Stevø, Pay Us What You Owe Us!" on the covers of the recent reissues of Scatology and Horse Rotorvator, Jhon Balance has issued the following statement:

"We did deliberate very long and deeply about this Stevø mention on the covers. This situation is highly complicated and I have never exposed people to the complete demoralising complexities of the situation. We never originally signed a contract for these two releases [when they were first released by Stevø's Some Bizarre label - ed.] and were told that we would be given the rights back after 5 or 10 years. There was no 'mine forever' mentioned.

"Stevø owes us approximately £30,000 on unpaid publishing from these 2 releases that he went ahead and licensed to Wire Records in Sweden, Disques du soleil et L'Acier in France, Record Vox in Germany, and Relativity in the US. He collected advances on all these from which we never received any money at all. Mark Chung (ex Neubauten) dealt with our publishing via his publishing company Freibank, but after 15 years of trying to get the money owed and outstanding from Stevø, Mark left that job for something more honourable. We recently had the publishing rights legally revert back to COIL from Freibank so now Stevø owes us the money directly. He of course says he doesn't owe us a penny. What would YOU do in this situation? We have decided to expose the truth.

"Stevø has recently written to me saying he had recorded the Death Threats left by me on his office answer-machine in the middle of the night. I have NEVER threatened him in this way. I HAVE cursed him on his answer machine, that way I was able to create an actual artifact, a magnetic tap HEX which is better than having just ranted or intoned it down the telephone to him in person. And the nature of the curse is that he will have problems and confusion until he gives us the money he owes us and releases the rights to these 2 albums back to COIL and Threshold House properly and legally and forever. The curse is genuine. It is a curse and a spell designed to retrieve STOLEN property, i.e. our artistic legacy and part of our LOST financial security.

"I was about 19 when I first formulated COIL. How much would you know about the UK music business at that age? I believed and STILL believe in a concept called TRUST. We have no contract with our distributors World Serpent. None is needed because THEY are trustworthy people. Every single person or company we have ever signed a contract with have tried to fuck us over. Period. They are only worth anything at all to the lawyers who get paid royally to draft them up and then untangle the knots when it all goes wrong. If Stevø Pearce had paid us the royalties he owed us at the time they were owed then COIL would have had a far greater security and sense of direction and purpose and my personal sense of achievement and well being would have been far, far greater.

"COIL is not just a cog in the record industry. Musick is NOT our business. We happen to be artists who get involved with the mu-SICK business in order to get our lifes-work and vision to the potential audience. We have taken the pro-active, positive step of reissuing the CDs ourselves exactly because we understand that Stevø probably never will pay us. The slogan on the front covers merely serves to prick him and to also alert other people that he is still as unscrupulous as ever.

"Having explained part of the situation and hopefully conveyed the strength of our feelings in this matter I'd like to add we will continue design our own record covers and in exactly the way WE see fit, including whatever images and texts we choose to."

June 10, 2001

A four hour radio special on Coil will be broadcast by the Dutch radio program Supplement on Monday, June 18th from 20:00 ro 24:00 local time. Those outside of The Netherlands can tune in to the program via the Radio 4 website. The Dutch information about the program can be found here - or if you prefer English, here's a translation:

"Tonight on Supplement a 4 hour special about the English group Coil. Originating from the industrial scene of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV in the early eigthies, Coil is still productive. Polished studio-productions notwithstanding, the subjects are still raw (sex, drugs and death are well-known Coil themes) and the music still experimental [joke here: the Dutch word should be 'experimenteel', but is spelled 'experiMentaal', 'mentaal' being Dutch for 'mental']. The rich history, the albums, their film music and commercials, augmented of course with an in-depth interview. Also, never before broadcast and unreleased material, the premiere of the new CD on Eskaton, Coil's own label, and recordings of Coil's only concert in The Netherlands, recorded on june 1st at the Paradiso in Amsterdam."

The long-planned remix album by Slag Boom Van Loon (a collaboration between µ-Ziq and Speedy J) has finally been released, featuring a Coil remix of the track "Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium". The album is called So Soon and it also includes mixes by Pole, Matmos, Boards of Canada, Leafcutter John and others. Visit the Planet µ website for more infomation.

May, 2001

Due to circumstances beyond Coil's control, the installation and performances that were to take place at London's Whitechapel Gallery from Tues June 19th to Sat 23rd June, 2001ev have been cancelled. More details on the cancellation will be available soon, but for now, Coil sincerely apologizes to all who were planning to attend, especially those who had planned holidays around the event.

Coil will be performing in Moscow on September 14, with other Russian dates possible as well. More info will be announced as soon as it is known.

John Balance, Thighpaulsandra and Julian Cope will be guest performers with the psychedelic freak-out group Acid Mothers Temple on Sunday, May 27th in Stirling, Scotland. The performance will take place as part of Le Weekend Festival For Inventive New Music & Sound at The Cowane Theatre.

Music journalist and author David Keenan is currently at work on the first fully authorized biography of Coil, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound. It is to be entitled "England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground", and will be published in 2002. He would like to hear from anyone who has had contact or dealings with the groups over the years, and anyone with memories of performances, interesting stories, cuttings, flyers or whatever. He can be contacted via e-mail at

Not exactly fresh news, but we've just discovered that an album released in August, 2000 by the Mexican electronic group Ford Proco features a track called "Expansion naranja" that was recorded in collaboration with Coil. The album is entitled Vertigo de lodo y miel (Mud and Honey Vertigo), and it was released via the Nimboestatic label.

Copies of At The Threshold Moment, a compilation featuring Coil cover versions and tribute tracks, have started circulating. The artist and track listing is as follows:

1. dhex - Broken Piano remix
2. Jowonio Productions - Coil vs Elvis
3. R - thump
4. Inimikal - Red (Green Blue) Queen
5. Paul Wroth - Precursor To Entropy
6. J. Frede - Absolute Elsewhere (elphswhere mix)
7. Pox - Gunsmoke
8. MKKA - Coiluntitld
9. Amenti Suncrown - Pzoar
10. Anne Drogyness - Cyproterone Acetate
11. 3Z13 - And They Shall Inherit
12. The Feigenbaum Point - God Please Fuck My Mind For Good
13. Paul Wroth -2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Ethyl-Amphetamine: (DOET/Hecate)
14. Les Cochons De L'amour -The Anal Staircase
15. Amenti Suncrown - Pollen
16. Jowonio Productions - Tea With P & J
17. Else - Eve
18. COH - Absolutely Nowhere Else

Distribution is being negotiated with Middle Pillar, Rioux's and (possibly) Soleilmoon. In the meantime, copies can be ordered for US$10 each, plus US$3.95 for shipping up to 6 copies, directly from:

Justin Headrick
11662 Community Ctr. Dr. #90
Northglenn, CO 80233

The remastered Scatology reissue was released as planned on April 23rd, and was quickly joined by a similar reissue of Horse Rotorvator. Both discs are available via World Serpent, Threshold House, and many fine establishments worldwide. Look for discs with the "Stevø, Pay Us The Money You Owe Us!" notation to ensure you're buying the real deal!

Volume 3 in this reissue series will be Love's Secret Domain due out within the next two months. Following that will be a series of vinyl reissues on good quality heavy black vinyl including titles that have never been on vinyl before. Scatology and Horse Rotorvator will be the first two to get this treatment.

CoH - an artist who Coil previously collaborated with on the EP Vox Tinnitus - is completing work on a new EP of collaborations entitled Love Uncut due for release via Eskaton later this year. Ttitles and details for three of the four tracks have been confirmed:
My Angel (Director's Cut) [with Sleazy Christopherson]
Love's Septic Domain [a John Balance+Louise Weasel duet]
Prayer For Russell [with Steven Thrower of Cyclobe]

April, 2001

The long-awaited official reissue of the classic album Scatology has just been announced by World Serpent.

Coil - Scatology CD. 5021958410623. LOCICD15.
Finally this groundbreaking album gets the reissue it so richly deserves and is remastered by Coil & Spiritualized member Thighpaulsandra. Scatology is one of the most inventive, ambitious, intelligent & disciplined "Avant" albums ever. A remarkable record that sees accessibility meet surrealism in an orgy of Emulators, chants, high technology and low anti-technology.

Release date: Monday, 23rd April 2001

The set list from the Coil performance in Nantes, France on March 25th has been confirmed as the following by John Balance:

Higher Beings Command
Amethyst Deceivers
Titan Arch
Blood From The air
I Am The Green Child
Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil

Coil mailing list member Bruno Henlé wrote a review of the performance which can be read here.

March, 2001

Coil will be making several live appearances in Europe this spring.

March 25th: Nantes, France - Le Lieu Unique
May 30th: Antwerp, Belgium - Luchtbal
June 1st: Amsterdam, The Netherlands - The Paradiso
June 3rd: Leipzig, Germany - Wave Gotik Treffen

These dates will be followed by art & sound installations and performances at the Whitechapel Gallery in London at the Summer Solstice, and hopefully a North American tour later in 2001.

The latest issue of Computer Music Journal (Volume 24, Number 4) includes a CD curated by Kim Cascone which features a new one minute Coil track entitled "Glisten #2", and a 4 CD box set released recently by Mute Records to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Rough Trade record shop includes Coil's "Further Back and Faster".

The excellent San Francisco electronic duo (and fellow Brainwashed inhabitants) Matmos have released a cover version of "Disco Hospital" from Love's Secret Domain on their new California Rhinoplasty EP. In addition, a full album of Coil covers and tributes by various artists entitled At the Threshold Momentwill be released soon - ordering instructions and other info will be posted here when known.

February, 2001 is online with secure server ordering. Special items are being offered there and more soon to follow.

There's a new and insightful interview with John Balance over at Fortean Times.

January, 2001

Coil have been away on holiday but have begun work on The site will compliment this site and allow for sales of limited and unique items. Online ordering should arrive within the coming months.

Kudos to John Sanders and Mick Gaffney for providing more background information on the Coil Fanzine they published in 1987. Thanks for not suing our ass!

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