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news 2009

November 2009

Colour Sound Oblivion
Threshold House have announced 'Colour Sound Oblivion', Coil's official live video box set. To be released in the spring of 2010, it will consist of 14 DVD's, and will also contain postcards and other items. An 'Advance Patrons Edition' intended to help finance the production, was sold out within hours. Since then, Sleazy has announced that the same special edition will be available for ordering more generally in the new year, albeit without the patronage certificate that the 200 initial buyers will receive before christmas.

Soisong reunion tour
Soisong have done a brief 'reunion' tour. The accompanying blog can be found here.

August 2009

Sleazy's Invisible Jukebox
Peter Christopherson was submitted to an Invisible Jukebox interview in last month's The Wire. The unedited transcript is available online. Read it here.

The Threshold House store is selling a new Threshold Houseboys Choir t-shirt, while stocks last.

July 2009

The Dark Age of Love
French label Ici D'Ailleurs have announced "The Dark Age Of Love", an album of reinterpretations of Coil songs. Rather than just being another tribute compilation, it was recorded as a proper album by a collective of artists operating under the name This Immortal Coil. Members include Yann Tiersen, Sylvain Chauveau, Will Oldham and Matt Elliott. Peter Christopherson, who has been playing selections from the album during recent appearances, describes the album as "The most extra-ordinary, beautiful, and moving, re-interpretations of Coil I have ever heard!".
See for more information and MySpace for sound samples.

June 2009

SoiSong's first full album 'xAj3z' is out now and available at
Sound samples are available from the duo's MySpace page and the store also features
a 'Vox Pop' section where you can read what people think of the record.

A Cold Cell In Bangkok
A new version of 'A Cold Cell' is available on 'Sleepwalk', a compilation celebrating Glasgow’s Optimo club. The download is for sale at the Threshold House store.

Colour Sound Oblivion
Work on the box of Coil live DVD's is nearing completion and Peter wants your input on the format it should be released in.

Threshold HouseBoys Choir
Peter just concluded a short series of concerts as the Threshold HouseBoys Choir. If you missed him, there are several videos available on YouTube to give you an impression of the recent gigs.
Meanwhile, the 'Amulet Edition' of four 3" CD's with new material is still available in the Threshold House store.

Site Updates
Site updates are ongoing, completing the facelift that started last year. New features will be added, so come back regularly to check.

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