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December 27, 2007

Important Records updates of Coil's Ape of Naples LP Box

Important Records recently updated on the status of the Coil box set of Ape of Naples on vinyl:

Coil "Ape" box news:
Click here to see the first look at this super lavish package. The overall quality was even higher than expected. 4 lps packed in a tip-on style ultra-heavy duty box set.
We don't have the vinyl here yet as there are some slight concerns with the test pressings but should have that resolved soon. As soon as it is, there will be an update with some more information.

November 5, 2007

Early Balance contrbutions surface

Early tracks recorded with contributions from Johnn Balance (circa '80-'83) are included in a compilation of the band Cultural Amnesia. Full details on the (presumably) recently released album, Press My Hungry Button may be found here.

Thighpaulsandra playing solo electronic set in L.A.

For anyone in the Los Angeles area on November 16th Thighpaulsandra is doing a solo electronic show as part of the Analog Live event at the Disney/Cal Arts Redcat Theater. Others on the night include Alessandro Cortini of NIN, Richard Devine, Gary Chang, Peter Grenader and Chas Smith with video by Paul Tzanetopoulos. Details of the show may be found here.


Thighpaulsandra's Studio Open for Booking

In further Thighpaulsandra news, his recording studios, Aeriel Studios, are open for booking. The studios' website (including a generous gallery of images) can be found here. If myspace is your thing, the studio's myspace profile may be found here.

October 15, 2007

Coil Ape of Naples Box Official Announcement

In December 2007, Important will finally make available the long rumored 4 LP box for Coil's The Ape Of Naples album. Ape will feature the full-length album spread out over 3 lps each, with B-side laser etchings. The 4th lp is a double-sided, exclusive, full-length album titled, The New Backwards, which features "backwards mixes of Coil." Each LP is packaged in an offset-printed, single-pocket jacket and they're housed in a deluxe, heavy duty box which was offset-printed with a fifth color spot UV gloss. A poster is also included in the package. This will be limited to 1500 copies.

1. Fire Of The Mind
2. The Last Amethyst Deceiver
3. Tattooed Man

1. Triple Sun
2. It's In My Blood
3. I Don't Get It
4. Heaven's Blade
5. Cold Cell

1.Teenage Lightning 2005
2. Amber Rain
3. Going Up

LP4: The New Backwards
Side A:
1. Careful What you Wish For
2. Nature Is A Language
3. Algerian Basses
Side B:
1. Copacabbala
2. Paint Me As A Dead Soul
3. Princess Margaret's Man in the D'Jamalfna

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