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December, 2008

Site Updates
It has been a long time since this site had some updates. Thanks for your patience while it has undergone a facelift and is slowly transitioning over old archives to new formats. In the meanwhile, the discography has been updated in the music section and will continue to be updated through the end of the year. Keep coming back for more features.

Threshold House
Apologies for the downtime on The shop however is still open at

Peter Christopherson made his first performance in the Americas at Brainwaves 2008 as Threshold Houseboys Choir. On sale was the Threshold Hosueboys Choir Amulet Edition 4xCD3 set; an exclusive track, "Cap Rot Taxi" appears on the Brainwaves 2008 3xCD compilation; and a radio interview can be heard in its entirety on the Brainwashed Podcast for a limited time.

Peter is back in Bangkok and is completing the SoiSong album with Ivan Pavlov at this time.

July 17, 2008
New Jarman DVD Box Set Released in the U.S.

Glitterbox: Derek Jarman x4 was released in the U.S. on June 24 by Zeitgeist Video, and features two films that will be readily familiar to Coil fans. Comprised of the films The Angelic Conversation, Caravaggio, Wittgenstein, and Blue, the release of this set marks the first time these films have been readily available in the U.S. market. Full details regarding the release are available at the Zeitgeist site.

July 15, 2008
SoiSong Merch Site is Live

The first e.p. to be released by SoiSong is now available online. While it has a name, we are keeping it a secret just now. In addition to the CD, you will also find an already-sold-out t-shirt listed, though Sleazy reassures us that more are being printed and the item will soon be available again. To have a look at the site, go here, or click the link similar to the image at left on's home page.

June 17, 2008
A new interview with Sleazy

Legendary co-founding member of Throbbing Gristle and Coil, Peter Christopherson discusses his new collaboration with Ivan Pavlov, SoiSong, the legacy of Coil and the ongoing distractions of a pleasant environment. The inteview was conducted, by myself, Michael Bird. Read it here.

April 16, 2008
Coil's Ape of Naples LP Box at

The New BackwardsAn allotment of the Ape of Naples vinyl boxsets (both red and black) has shown up at Sleazy's Threshold House site. While the boxes coming from the Threshold House site are roughly twice as expensive as those purchased from Important directly (who, it is worth noting, has soundly sold out their run), the Threshold House boxes will come accompanied by a CD of the New Backwards tracks, including three additional tracks that weren't included on the vinyl version.

Also available is a stand-alone release of the New Backwards, as well as downloadable versions in three formats. The stand-alone CD is currently sold out, though Sleazy has assured us that more stock is being dispatched to distribution as soon as possible, so check the shop page frequently.

Also, if its been some time since you've visited the Treshold House shop, its worth noting that the distribution of the absinthe box set has been widened to include worldwide destinations, and the semi-authorized bootleg of the Porto show is also available for direct purchase from TH. This provides a guilt-free path to purchase it, had you been on the fence about it picking it up (or its three cover variations) before this.

February 6, 2008
Coil's Ape of Naples LP Box almost sold out

Important Records sent word today that pre-orders for the Ape of Naples LP box set have almost claimed the run. Interested parties are encouraged to order within the next couple of days. For more information, click here.

January 22, 2008

After several weeks of rumors and hints being dropped, Sleazy & COH's Ivan Pavlov both updated their myspace blogs today with details regarding their new collaborative project, SOISONG.

From Sleazy's blog:

Throbbing Gristle 1976 - 2009 (off and on)
Coil 1983 - 2004
SoiSong 2008 - ?

Peter Christopherson is very excited to announce he has convinced Ivan Pavlov to join his new duo, SoiSong.

Primarily located on the Eastern Pacific Rim, SOISONG will debut in Japan in March 2008, closely followed by Bangkok, and Singapore, but the band plans also to make some rare appearances in Europe during May June July. They would also play in other regions of space late 2008 and into 2009, if invited by a serious institution.

The two-man show will combine Ivan's uncompromisingly-visceral computer based music with Sleazy's decadent, dark and whimsical approach to artificial vocals and 'South Seas' instrumentation...The power and energy of Youth and the Russian Scientific Establishment...with the filth, decay and corruption of English Maturity. ,-)

SOISONG has been brewing for months in the gloomy Soi's, or alley-ways, of Bangkok - the world's most uninhibited Capitol city, where unlocked i-phones, hi-speed broadband, young brown flesh, and indeed Life itself, all come cheap...
...Where the voices heard in the dark, across the heaving shanty towns, creaking over running sewers, mingle the agonised cries of teenagers losing their virginity, with Revered Monks' dying Invocations...


SoiSong's first ep SOI-JIN-NO-HI will be available for free download from from March 2008, and in a Collector's Specially Packaged edition, exclusively from the band at shows. If any of this edition remain unsold when the following release appears, (likely an album in Fall 2008), the remaining eps will be available by mail-order.


SOISONG rejects 95% of what you can hear now as banal and meaningless. /...Not to be undertaken lightly.../ Look here: SOISONG

COH's blog carried essentially the same information, minus the reference to Peter's past projects.

January 14, 2008
Coil's Ape of Naples LP Box now up for Pre-Order

Important Records sent word today that they are now accepting pre-orders for the Ape of Naples LP box set. Among the limited edition is a sub-edition of 300 containing all Red vinyl.

"The Ape Of Naples/New Backwards is limited to 1500 copies. This 4 lp set is pressed on heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and each record is packaged in it's own lp jacket which is then housed in a deluxe tip-on style box. A poster is included. The first three records make up The Ape Of Naples and the b-side of each has a custom etching. The fourth record is The New Backwards and it is double sided. A four panel poster is included and the box has a 5th color spot-gloss.

This box set includes 2 albums. The first is the complete Ape Of Naples and the second is The New Backwards which is only currently available in this box set. The New Backwards appropriately is part of the Ape of Naples set. The material is additional completed versions of songs that were left unfinished, whose early raw loops and demonstrational incarnations might sound familiar to some but have never officially surfaced."

For pre-ordering information, go here.

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