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4th February, 1999

  • The musickian known as THIGHPAULSANDRA has joined COIL as a permanent member as of today. Thighpaulsandra is a member of SPIRITUALISED and QUEEN ELIZABETH (with Julian Cope), as well as working with Jodie Evans of ANAL. He is a classically trained musician who has made a long and deep study of the work of Stockhausen. He is a wonderful bright Pagan STAR in his own rite and I are very happy he accepted my invitation. Now we are 5 sided. Pentagrammatical. Complete. 2nd January, 1999

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    • Happy Neu Year! The waves are very high and racy over the bay I can see from our NEW HOUSE windows. OK.
    • We spent the Solstice reocrding and managed to find time to walk up onto the Iron Age Fort that our house backs onto and give Thanks and Prayers to the resident Spirits. Love to all from us all.
    • The deal with the WINTER SOLSTICE single IS we delayed its release because we were caught in the middle of our major house move and couldn't fix it to come out earlier in December. So it is due in 3 weeks time. Better late than never. The overall title is "NORTH". The 7" has "A White Rainbow" c/w "Christmas is now Drawing Near". The latter is a traditional song performed by Rosa Mundi, which is COIl with Rose McDowall and Robert Lee of Sorrow. The CD has an extended version of "A White Rainbow", and also "North"and "Magnetic North" and "Christmas Is Now Drawing Near".4 tracks. Features John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Drew Mcdowall and William Breeze in an evocative narcotic mixture. This is Moon Musick.
    • We have recorded the "Astral Disaster" album for Prescription records. 99 copies on vinyl only. SORRY but these are pre-sold. We WILL be remixing and re-recording this material for a release later in the year as a CD and vinyl project. Tracks are "The Sea Priestess", "Second Son Syndrome", "I Don't Want To be the One", "The Avatars" and "The Mothership and The fatherland". Features guest musicians Thighpaulsandra and Gary Ramon.
    Website updates:
    • Music Videos have returned to the website, you can see them in the Music section.

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